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At the award winning Dr Leah clinic we pride ourselves on providing high quality treatments carried out by experienced and highly skilled medical doctors. 

Our Director Dr Leah Totton, who continues ongoing NHS work alongside her advanced aesthetic procedures, was recently awarded the top prize for excellence and crowned the UK’s best doctor for performing Silhouette Soft thread lifts. This prestigious accolade was awarded based on medical excellence and skill and also means she has performed the most thread lift procedures in the UK with the best results. After performing thousands of thread lift treatments Dr Leah has been appointed as a Silhouette Soft threads trainer, and as such is responsible for training other UK doctors in thread facelifts. Dr Leah has also been appointed as a member of the medical advisory board for Sinclair IS Pharma group, to deal with any complications or adverse outcomes of threads treatments.


Dr Leah, who holds a diploma in Dermatology awarded from the University of Cardiff, is the UK head doctor for Obagi medical products and specialises in skin transformations using prescription strength products. 

Dr Leah uses only the most premium brands when treating patients- including Allergan for Botox and her filler of choice is the premium vycross range from Juvederm (Vobella, Volift and Vomula). When performing advanced Botox and Dermal Filler procedures Dr Leah practises her own unique and specific techniques and is cosmetic doctor of choice to many of the UK elite. 

Dr Leah's expert technical ability combined with premium product choice and an unprecedented demand for treatments by her has been reflected in a new price increase for treatments performed specifically by Dr Leah. This will come into effect as of the 1st May. 


Dr Leah New Pricelist:


Consultation fee (All new clients)- £50


Anti – Wrinkle injections

• 1 area - £299

• 2 areas - £380

• 3 areas - £450


Dermal Filler

• 1 syringe of premium filler - £450

• Additional syringes - £400


Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

• 4 Threads - £2000

• 6 Threads - £2600


All new bookings will be priced at the above rate as of the 1st May. Any pre-booked appointments will be honoured at previous pricing until the 1st June


All Dr Leah doctors are experienced cosmetic physicians and industry leaders in their own right who have been specifically head hunted, trained and personally mentored by Dr Leah and have passed specific level 7 accreditation with Harley academy to ensure their facial assessment, treatment knowledge and injection technique is in according with Dr Leah's exceptional standard. Each Dr Leah clinic doctor will follow the approved Dr Leah treatment protocol to ensure the most safe and effective treatment outcomes.  


Prices for Dr Leah doctors (with the exception of Dr Leah) are as follows: 


Consultation: FREE of charge 


Anti – Wrinkle injections

• 1 area - £199

• 2 areas - £280

• 3 areas - £350


Dermal Filler

• 1 syringe of juvaderm filler - prices start from £225


Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

• 4 Threads - £1620

• 6 Threads - £2100



To book an appointment with Dr Leah or with our team of Dr Leah accredited doctors please call 020 7877 5999."



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