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Do you want brighter, rejuvenated, deep cleaned skin? Then this is the facial for you!

What does the facial involve?

This luxury facial uses a combination of innovative technologies to brighten, firm and rehydrate the skin. Here are the steps of the facial:

·        Firstly we use Diamond Microdermabrasion to remove the top layer of the dead skin cells which refreshes and polishes the skin. 

·        Followed by lifting and toning Radio Frequency to plump and tighten the skin with desired anti- ageing results.

·        We then use a blend of gentle fruit acid exfoliators to further brighten and polish the skin.

·        This is followed by a hyaluronic acid mask to deeply re-hydrate and plump the skin.

·        Lastly we use our NEW Led light therapy treatment to target either anti-ageing and brightening, or Acne and inflammation. 

With instant results and long term skin regeneration benefits this is a perfect skin pick me up! This deluxe facial treatment really is top of the range. 



Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

1 hour estimated

Back To Work

Immediate estimated



Full Recovery

48 hours estimated


Visible immediately - We recommend a course of 6 facials, once weekly for optimum results * 

Who is the bespoke facial for? 

Anyone! The bespoke element really does make this a fantastic facial treatment – the whole procedure will be unique to your needs and wishes. 

How do you decide what to do? 

Before any Dr Leah treatment (including this deluxe facial), we will meet with you at our modern, conveniently located clinic to discuss your needs and what you wish to achieve. This consultation session will allow us to create a completely bespoke facial treatment for you. 

To book a FREE consultation with our skin specialist at our London or Essex clinic to discuss your suitability for treatment call 02035043736 or email 



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