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New Year is always earmarked as the time when we review our health and beauty routines – it is the classic springboard to embark on resolutions to improve our levels of health, fitness and weight.

Weight gained over the festive period can prove more stubborn to shift, studies have shown that on an average we can gain anything between 0.8kg to a whopping 8kg over the season. This could be due to us over indulging with an average Christmas dinner serving coming in at 2,300 calories per sitting or a little too much Christmas pudding at 400 calories per portion.

So if like most of us you have over indulged over the festive period and cannot wait to get rid of the post festive bulge, then this month Dr Leah Clinic has decided to give you a little helping hand in the post festive slim down.

We are offering 40% OFF for the month of January on our fat freezing treatment. That’s a saving of 180!!

This fat reduction treatment works using cryo-electro-lyposis to non invasively penetrate deep into the skin; using -5 temperatures and an electric current to cause a break down of fat cells, this will allow the body to expel them naturally. It is ideal to effectively target unwanted fat pockets and in turn help to lose inches faster. One major requirement is to drink a minimum of 2 Litres of water in a day, though it may sound like a lot of water, it is a little effort from you that makes all the difference in your results. The treatment takes 16 weeks to finalise which will tie in perfectly in time for summer and it is a completely none invasive procedure with no pain or downtime.

We always recommend combining the treatment with a healthy diet and life style and in one of my previous blogs I explained some simple tips to help keep in shape.

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