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Tried and tested: EVENING STANDARD review The Dr Leah Lift, a new scalpel free, Botox free, filler free face lift

The Dr Leah Lift is a new treatment that has been three years in development, which tackles sagging lower face and neck

Before and after: Katy Walker reviews the Dr Leah Lift


At 47 I’d hardly say I was getting old but when my face looked a million times better by simply using my fingers to push skin on either side upwards to where it had come from, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if it could just stay there.

I’ve had a couple of Botox treatments in the past, but with disappointing results and I’ve never been a fan of those over the top celebrity facelifts.

And so to the rescue came TV’s Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton.

The Dr Leah Lift is a new treatment that has been three years in development, which tackles sagging lower face and neck. It involves a combination of the latest skin lifting technologies and non-surgical techniques to offer a scalpel free, Botox-free, filler-free facelift. 

The Dr Leah Lift is a three-phased approach, starting with an ultherapy treatment. A hand-held ultrasound device was used to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin deep within the skin of my face and neck.  After treatment, the body’s tissue repair process stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin creating a lifting and tightening effect and therefore a more youthful appearance. This part of the treatment took two hours, was mildly uncomfortable but not painful and I was able to return to work immediately after.

A month later, I returned to the Moorgate clinic for my Silhouette Soft thread lift treatment. Forget surgery and scalpels, this is a contemporary skin lifting procedure using dissolvable sutures (threads) which starts a unique two-stage process – immediate lift and gradual collagen regeneration. Think of it as a bolstering device for skin’s structure, reversing the southward droop of necks, jowls and cheeks.

 The process is painless and took about 30 minutes. The results were instant, lifting my jowls, giving me the “push up” I had been giving myself in the mirror, but this time they stayed in place when I moved my hands away! Even better, there was next to no downtime, I was able to return to work two days later.

What I particularly loved was that for three months after my treatment, results have continued to improve, as the sutures have encouraged increased collagen production in the areas treated, giving me gradual rejuvenation and my ultherapy treatment has now kicked in firming and tightening my neck in particular.

The third and Final phase was a Professional  Dr Leah Skin Peel.  This bespoke facial peel was developed by Dr Leah using natural ingredients to remove dull and dead skin cells to brighten and illuminate the treated face and nourish the complexion.  This took 30 minutes to perform with no recovery time and my skin looked instantly refreshed. 

It’s been three months since I started the treatment and I’m delighted with the results. I am no longer noticing the pulled down look of sagging jowls and a sagging neck. Everything is where it was five years ago but it doesn’t  look like I’ve had “work done” and, so I’m told, I still look like me.  

Katy’s Dr Leah Lift cost £2,999 and includes ultrasound lifting treatment and Silhouette Soft sutures for the midface and a professional skin peel.



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