*Results may vary from person to person
Body Dermaroller Treatment
Body Dermaroller Treatment
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What is a Body Dermaroller Treatment?

Dermaroller can be used to successfully treat stretch marks and scars on the body.

Dermaroller can be used on both face and body and is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments to help rebuild and remodel skin. The fact that the skin on the body is thicker than the skin on the face means that when treating the body, a different type of Dermaroller is used.

That said, the remodelling process for body Dermaroller is similar to that of the face; however, the number of treatments, frequency and healing time will vary. Dermaroller is effective in improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks by increasing collagen production in the area. This is achieved by the use of micro-needles creating thousands of tiny holes in the affected area thus stimulating collagen production. Dermaroller also has a tightening effect in the area treated which is particularly useful when treating stretch marks following pregnancy or weight loss.

*Results may vary from person to person

Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time
40 Minutes estimated
Back To Work
Immediate estimated
Duration Of Results
Up to 1 year *

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More FAQs

What does the Dermaroller treatment involve?

To begin with, your Dr Leah practitioner will use a topical anaesthetic cream to numb your skin before treatment commences. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, the Dermaroller will be rolled over your skin, puncturing it with thousands of tiny micro-needles. By causing mild damage to your skin in this way, we trigger a healing process that rejuvenates the skin, encourages collagen production and reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. *

Does it hurt?

The anaesthetic helps to minimise any discomfort caused by the micro-needles.

How long will it take?

One Dermaroller session lasts for around 40 minutes, although this may vary depending on which part of your body we treat.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

Body Dermaroller is suitable for anyone wishing to treat stretch marks, scars or ageing. However, before any treatment, you will be given the opportunity to consult with a member of the Dr Leah team; you can discuss any concerns you may have during this session

Note: The Dermaroller is unsuitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Full list of side effects, cautions and contraindications will be discussed at your face-to-face consultation.


The Dermaroller treatment comes with a very minimal recovery period; you will be able to resume your daily life almost straight away. You may notice some redness, but this should subside within 24 hours of the procedure.

Side Effects

Side effects are rare and they seldom last for more than 48 hours. Patients commonly notice some redness post-procedure (not dissimilar to sunburn), but this should subside in a short time.

Before & After *

Body Dermaroller before Body Dermaroller after
Body Dermaroller before Body Dermaroller after


Avoid extreme temperatures (hot water, saunas, etc.) and unnecessary contact with the treated area for 48 hours after treatment. High factor SPF is essential post procedure and your practitioner may also recommend an optional soothing cream for your skin post-treatment.

Treatment Price

Per Area:

Per Area Per session
Per Area Course (3 sessions)
Per Area Course (6 sessions)

A deposit of £50 is payable when booking online.

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