Ageing Hands

Hand ageing is a very common problem, as we age our hands' delicate skin tends to lose its elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and loose skin. On top of this, over exposure to UVA rays can cause age spots on hands which adds to the overall look of ageing hands. Hand ageing is a normal part of the ageing process but hands can appear prematurely aged for multiple reasons such as smoking, sun exposure or over exposure to excessive washing.

Hands can appear aged in multiple ways:

Wrinkled skin on hands / crepe skin: Caused by a combination of ageing and depleting collagen and elastin, as well as the use of soap and detergents and excessive UV exposure. This is because the collagen and elastin fibres decrease with age and are broken down by UV rays. Repeated washing and exposure to cleaning agents causes our hand skin to become dehydrated and thinned which can make it appear more wrinkled.

Hand hollows / loose skin and prominent veins - With age our collagen and elastin levels fall (particularly after menopause where there is a sharp decline in oestrogen), this leads to the lose of fat and soft tissue, the skin loses its elasticity and recoil and can give the appearance of loose skin on the back of hands. Veins become more prominent because you lose the fat and soft tissue that lies beneath the skin.

Age spots on hands / Sun spots - We have all seen 'age spots,' which can appear after years of sun exposure these occur on your face, hands, and arms, brown spots most frequently appear, caused by years of sunlight (UV rays) – hands are a sun exposed area and commonly get sun spots / hyperpigmentation. They become more prevalent with age, people over the age of 50 being more susceptible. The majority are harmless and do not require medical treatment, other than for cosmetic reasons.


Ellanse dermal filler hand before and after


Ellanse dermal filler hand before and after
Ellanse dermal filler hand before and after


Ellanse dermal filler hand before and after

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

Dr Leah Clinic have different hand rejuvenation treatment’s available for each type of hand ageing, treatments can also be combined to give an overall total hand rejuvenation. Our expert doctor will be able to advise which treatment is best for you during your ‘Hand rejuvenation consultation’:

Wrinkled skin on hands / crepe skin: We recommend Profhilo Treatment for hands

Profhilo treatment is a skin booster treatment that when injected into the hands acts as a bio-revitalizer which helps rehydrate your skin and stimulates collagen and elastin production. Profhilo treatment is also an ideal treatment to correct fine lines and wrinkles across the back of your hands. Thanks to Profhilo’s intensely hydrating hyaluronic acid formulation, the skin has the power to retain more water, which helps to dehydrate and fill out winkled / crepe skin on hands. Profhilo hands is one of our most requested treatments.

COST £750 total cost - 2 treatments required (£375 per treatment).

Hand hollows / loose skin and prominent veins: We recommend Ellansé collagen stimulating dermal filler

Ellanse is a dermal filler that when injected into the hands helps stimulate your natural collagen production, this will give a more dramatic result than profhilo and is suitable to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, replace volume in the hands to fill hollows and conceal prominent veins.

COST £900 one-off treatment

Age spots on hands / Sun spots: Pigmentation laser

Pigmentation laser is an IPL treatment which uses light waves to remove age spots, pigmentation, and blemishes on the back of your hands. It is not a one-time treatment and may require multiple sessions.

COST £720 for 3 sessions

Commonly Asked Questions

Why Choose Dr Leah For Aged Hands Treatment?

As an anti-ageing specialist clinic our doctors recognise that hands are a key area which show signs of ageing and have a range of safe treatments which can treat various signs of ageing on hands. We also offer a free hand treatment consult with one of our doctors. .

Do Signs Of Aged Hands Return After Treatment?

Ageing is a natural and continuous process and there is no method available to stop it; Profhilo tends to last 6 months, Ellanse 12 months and pigmentation laser tends to give long term results.

Where Can I Have The Hand Rejuvenation Treatment?

You can have the hand rejuvenation treatment at our Essex and London clinics.

How Can I Get Rid Of Age Spots On Hands?

Pigmentation laser treatment will get rid of age spots/ sun spots on hands. You are likely to require 3-6 sessions for maximum clearance and you will then be required to wear SPF on hands to prevent further sun damage.

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*Results may vary from person to person

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