The term "bingo wings" usually refers to the fat deposits (arm fat) in the triceps area. The term Bingo wings is commonly used due to the fact that fat deposits cause the skin beneath the arm to noticeably droop and look like flaps. This condition mainly effects women - but can also affect men. Even if there is no build-up of fat deposits factors such as weight loss or ageing can create loose skin around the arms, which can increase the drooping effect in the under-arm area also creating a ‘bingo wing’ appearance.

The fat which sits on the upper arm is usually caused by age, slow metabolism, and/or excessive weight. This area has shallow and deep layers of fat; it is the superficial layer of fat that increases in size with age and can eventually lead to a noticeable fatty growth under the upper arm. This area of the upper arm can lose its firmness with sudden weight loss, or with age, and the skin can start to droop. There are different treatments available to remove bingo wings or arm fat, or to improve the quality of arm skin quickly.

Fact - Three out of four British women say this area of their body (the top of their arms) causes them such an issue that they refuse to wave publicly.
At Dr Leah Clinics we offer a number of treatments to address this condition:
These treatments are an effective and less invasive option to brachioplasty/surgical arm lift, which is often used in severe cases of under-arm skin drooping caused by significant weightloss. In some cases however where there is excessive laxity of arm skin, a surgical solution is the best option. Our doctor will be able to advise you if non surgical solutions are appropriate for you.

Treatment Options For ‘How To Get Rid Of Bingo Wings’

  • Aqualyx – An effective fat dissolving treatment to permanently dissolve fat and reduce fat around the upper arm
  • Profhilo London treatment – the Profhilo London treatment is an excellent procedure for improving skin quality and treating crepey skin on the arms
  • Lanluma - to improve skin quality (treat crepey skin) on the arms
  • Plasma IQ – will tighten excess loose skin on the arms

Why Choose Dr Leah Clinics To Treat This Concern?

  • At Dr Leah Clinics we are able to reduce fat on the upper arm area and improve skin quality in this area without the need for surgery. We are able to combine treatments to provide our clients with a complete non-surgical arm lift solution for this very common concern.
  • At Dr Leah Clinics we do not believe in a “one size fits all approach”; instead we assess each client via a free in-clinic body consultation, and only then do we create a treatment plan which will offer a complete solution to bingo wings and restore your body confidence.
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Common Questions

Do Bingo Wings/Arm Fat Return After Treatment?

Aqualyx - Much like liposuction the fat that is removed at the time of treatment is permanently gone however if you gain weight after treatment you will regain fat in that area. Results from skin quality treatments such as profhilo or lanluma last 6 months or 2 years respectively. Plasma IQ for skin tightening gives results for 2-4 years.

Where Can I Have The Bingo Wings And Arm Fat Removal Treatment?

This treatment plan is offered at our both our London and Essex clinics

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*Results may vary from person to person

Remote Skin Consultation

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