Procedure Time
40 minutes (2-3 treatments required)
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Two years
Risks & Complications
bruising, swelling, infection, granuloma, asymmetry

BBL Surgery versus non surgical bum enhancement

Demand for a more plump, shapely bottom or correcting a flat or sagging bottom are some of our most common body treatment requests at Dr Leah Clinic. There is a huge demand for bum enhancement with bum lift procedures increasing in popularity by 252 percent since 2000*.

With the latest trends, cosmetic procedures like BBL surgery have increased in popularity. Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL surgery) helps augment the shape and size of the buttocks by removing fat from the unwanted parts of the body like thighs, lower back, and abdomen and this fat is then injected into the bum to give a nice contour to the buttocks. There are however a considerable number of cases where BBL surgery has gone wrong and it has been labelled as one of the most dangerous operations, instances of death due to fat embolism and surgeons in the UK have now been advised not to perform BBL Surgery. Dr Leah Clinic do NOT offer BBL surgery instead we offer a safe and effective alternative, an injectable bum enhancement in the form of Lanluma injections.


Lanluma Bum Lift


Lanluma Bum Lift
Lanluma Bum Lift


Lanluma Bum Lift

What is a Lanluma non surgical bum lift?

Lanluma is a collagen stimulating injectable treatment which is performed by our clinic doctors. It is a new treatment which is similar to the existing Sculpra treatment.

Lanluma bum injections is a safe procedure, the primary component of Lanluma is Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) which has been used safely in aesthetic medicine for decades. It gives your buttocks a more rounded and desirable appearance by stimulating your natural collagen production. It is the treatment of choice when it comes to bum lifts.

This non-surgical bum lift revolutionary procedure helps you to achieve your desired appearance without the risk of BBL surgery. The bum lift procedure has very little risk or downtime unlike BBL surgery. Best of all, because results are created using the body’s own natural collagen response, therefore bum lift rejuvenation looks and feels completely natural.

Lanluma works within the deep dermis and activates the natural collagen in two ways mainly.

  • Increases fullness and replaces lost volume or adds volume
  • Improves skin quality / cellulite / dimpling on buttocks

When used for a non-surgical bum lift, Lanluma creates a more even appearance by removing the sagginess and plumping up the deficient areas of the buttocks with the new collagen. Lanluma provides a steady enhancement in skin volume when used for a bum lift. It sets off a deep tissue regeneration reaction that stimulates your own natural collagen. This steady growth in natural collagen allows for a more comfortable treatment progression and less likelihood of stretchmarks which is common with BBL surgery.


Unlike dermal filler which has become a popular option for a non surgical bum lift – Lanluma doesn’t just fill the depressed areas of the buttocks like a gel but instead works deep within the skin to stimulate your own natural collagen production, meaning it gives a more natural look and feel than dermal filler. With Lanluma, the non surgical bum lift can maintain results for two to three years which is a longer period of time in comparison to most body dermal fillers. Subsequent top up treatments after two to three years, can help maintain the buttock volume and shape.

Which treatments can I combine lanluma bum lift with?

It is possible to also treat hip dips with lanluma while treating the bum area. It is also possible to combine the Lanluma bum lift treatment with our fat freezing treatment to enhances the hourglass shape by specifically targeting the waist and love handles (area above the bottom) and fat beneath the bottom with our fat freezing, we can enhance the curves of your waist to hip ratio, resulting in a shapely silhouette.

Lanluma Bum Lift Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say…
I have done my second Lanluma treatment with Dr Ana and am honestly shocked as to how much better it already looks. The full kick in of the collagen will happen in around three months' time but already I feel a better texture in my buttocks skin and some lifting. So excited to see the final results!!!

Carol, 36

Treatment Price

4 Vials (equivalent of 16+ vials of Sculptra)
6 Vials (equivalent of 24+ vials of Sculptra)
8 Vials (equivalent of 32+ vials of Sculptra)
Lanluma Bum Enhancement Consultation
Lanluma Bum Enhancement Consultation - Free of Charge with Dr Ana

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Before any treatment begins, you will have an in depth consultation with one of the Dr Leah doctors. During this discussion we will encourage you to talk through what you’d like to achieve in your bum lift procedure from the general volume to overall shape. They’ll look at the areas you’d like to add shape and volume to and discuss what is possible.

Then, if you are happy to go ahead, you Lanluma bum lift treatment can proceed normally 1 hour later (please advise our team you wish to have treatment on the day if you intend on having treatment on the day of consultation). Unlike other collagen stimulating injectable sessions (sculptra) – for which you will have to schedule another session days later– your clinician can prepare and use Lanluma within 1 hour.

You are awake throughout the procedure and the whole process should take no more than 30 minutes and is not particularly painful. The area to be enhanced should be marked and sterilised. You will then have a local anaesthetic injected which will make the lanluma bum lift virtually painless. Your doctor will then carefully inject Lanluma where you would like to see results – massage will be performed immediately after treatment and you will need to do this yourself at home.

You should feel fine right after the procedure, though there may be a small amount of swelling for a couple of hours and the area is likely to feel tender for the days following the treatment. Depending on the area treated, and how your body reacts, achieving the look you are aiming for will take 2-3 sessions, and results will show 2-6 months afterwards as your natural collagen develops.


Lanluma is quite a unique product because it can cover all procedures from facial rejuvenation to bum lifts. Its novel and natural formulation can be used in any part of the body to give it a fuller and natural look. The following are the main areas where Lanluma can be used

• Treat hip dips
• Reduction of Cellulite and skin dimpling
• Improve skin quality on neck and decolletage
• Improve crepe skin on bingo wings
• Treat ageing hands
• Rejuvenation of hollow cheek/temples


• Dr Leah Clinic offer the best treatments on the global aesthetic market, we offer the most up-to-date and effective treatment for bum enhancement- lanluma, which is available only in a certain amount of specialist UK clinics.
• Our clinic doctors have many years experience performing Sculptra bum lifts and other filler treatments for the bum and hip area and are skilled to perform non surgical bum lift treatments.
• Dr Leah Clinics are a well know, award winning, doctor led clinic chain and are widely regarded as one of the UK’s ‘most trusted’ cosmetic clinics, you can feel reassured that you are in capable hands and your safety is our top priority.


There are many instances where bbl surgery has gone wrong and this is why the procedure is no- longer widely conducted in the UK.

This surgical procedure involves body liposuction and fat injected deep into the muscles. The concern is that if the injected fat enters a major blood vessel in the buttocks then it can lead to lethal complications such as a heart attack. BBL Surgery is no longer approved by The British Association of Plastic surgeons due to worrying complications, and a death rate of around 1 in 2500 due to fat embolism. This has led to a rise in demand for the safer alternative which is Our Lanluma non surgical bum lift treatment.

How many vials of Lanluma will I need?

This depends on how dramatic a result the client wishes to achieve – for a visible improvement to bum area 6 vials are recommended (between 2 or 3 sessions). For a more visible results or to also treat hip dips 8 vials are likely to be required. Your Dr Leah Clinic doctor will be able to advise you how many vials you will require during you initial consultation.


Our Lanluma non surgical bum lift treatment is available at our London and Essex Clinics.

At Dr Leah Clinics, you’re in safe hands

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