Eye bags and tired-looking eyes can be defined can be caused due to heavy eyelids, hooded eyes, puffiness under eyes, dark circles under the eyes, hollows under the eyes or fine lines under the eyes. Dr Leah Clinics are able to offer non surgical, minimally invasive, safe treatment options for each of these concerns, to give you an improved and refreshed eye appearance.

Ageing is the most common cause of tired looking eye, this is largely due to loss of collagen and fat padding which occurs with age. Collagen is the key part of connective tissues in the muscles, skin, and other body areas and its reduced levels result in loss of tone and elasticity of the skin and the associated muscles, leading to sagging and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. As the skin under the eyes is really thin, such sagging and fine lines are often more prominent under and around the eyes. Sagging and weakened skin around the eyes can trigger the development of a hollow pouch under the eyes, known as tear trough hollowing. The fat pads present under the eyes can then descend to fill up the area creating the look of under eye bags. Eye bags are often more visible in the mornings, giving the appearance of puffy under eyes due to fluid will have pooled overnight. With age lymph drainage in the under eye area becomes more sluggish and under eye bags are often a mixture of the descended fat pads / herniated fat pad plus swelling due to sluggish lymph drainage.

Dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, fine lines under the eyes, and eye bags can be exacerbated by any of the following; allergies, fluid retention, smoking, infections, thyroid pathology, ocular fatigue, hereditary factors, and lack of sleep. In most cases, eye bags are harmless and only a cosmetic issue.

At Dr Leah Clinic we have a number of non-surgical solutions to leave you with smooth under eye skin as well as de-puffing the under eye area and lifting hooded eye lids for an overall rejuvenated eye look.

Treatment For Tired Looking Eyes

At Dr Leah Clinics we offer a combination of treatments and can combine treatments depending on what your under eye concerns are:
  • Wrinkles around the eye - Elastaderm Elastiderm eye cream (pot) available to purchase in our online shop. This product (best kept in fridge) and used morning and night will improve fine lines and wrinkles around the eye and give an overall younger looking eye area.
  • Under eye bags - Elastiderm roller ball if primary concern is under eye bags
  • Under eye bags - Eye bag removal treatment can be performed with clearlift laser. COST £630 for course. Results last 2 years.
  • Under eye hollows - Sunken eye treatment or under eye hollow treatment can be performed tear trough filler London treatment, plasma IQ treatment or skincare products to target each concern. Often there will be more than one condition in the eye area contributing to making the eyes appear aged or tired. 1 treatment required. COST £460. Results last 9-12 months.
  • Heavy eyelids / hooded eyes - Plasma IQ upper eyelids (£1600 for 3 sessions, each 6 weeks apart) is an excellent hooded eyes treatment. Plasma IQ remove excess skin on the upper lid. Rather than cut the skin away (surgical blethoplasty) Plasma IQ allows us to burn away the excess skin over 3 quick and straight forward procedures by our in clinic doctor. 3 treatments required. COST £1650. Results last long term.
  • Dark circles - Course of clearlift laser x6 sessions plus tear trough dermal filler for dark circles under the eyes when course of laser is completed. COST: £630 plus £460
  • Fine lines under eyes - plasma IQ lower lid, this treatment will zap away skin under the eye to create new rejuvenated under eye area plus elastaderm eye cream. COST: Plasma IQ £1450 for 3 sessions plus elastaderm eye cream £90 if purchased online
  • Lines around eyes - Anti-wrinkle injections crow’s feet plus elastaderm eye cream. COST: Anti-wrinkle injections from £199 + Elastaderm cream £90 if purchased online

Why Choose Dr Leah Clinics To Treat This Concern?

We offer a range of treatments for multiple concerns around the eye and have the skills and expertise to combine these treatments to give best results: we have state-of-the-art laser for under eye bags treatment/ eye bag removal, plasma IQ or injectable solutions such as our tear trough filler London .

Our skilled doctors will be able to review your eyes and advise which of these is best and create a bespoke treatment plan and treatment schedule based on your needs.
To find out more about our treatment options for tired eyes or to book a consultation with one of our doctors today:

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