Procedure Time
30 minutes (estimated)
To treat
Dry Skin, dehydrated skin, dull skin
Back to Work
Immediate (estimated)
One-off treatment or course
Available as course of 3 facials (one every 2 weeks).Then one-off maintenance facials available.
Duration of results
3 months after completion of course of 6 facials
Risks & Complications
sensitivity, redness, swelling, burns, allergic reaction *


We recommend the Rehydrating, brightening facial London and Essex treatment (LED light facial) to clients who need the best dry skin treatment, or for those who suffer from sensitive skin.

This LED light facial is suitable for:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin treatment
  • Dull, tired-looking skin

The LED light treatment is therapeutic to soothe inflamed or irritated skin and can also help those with a dull complexion restore its natural glow.

For those who have dehydrated skin, to repair your skins natural barrier, we recommend a course of 6 facials, performed fortnightly over a 3-month period plus homecare products.

Your aesthetic skin specialist performing your facial will be able to recommend the homecare products you need, this will be medical skincare products for dry skin treatment, sensitive or dull skin. These will be made available for you, in the clinic, on the day of your facial.

What is involved in the Dr Leah re-hydration and brightening facial?

  • This facial involves a cleanse of your skin using a gentle cleanser suitable for sensitive skin.
  • This is followed by the application of a Hyaluronic gel rehydrating mask to restore moisture to your skin
  • An LED light facial mask is then applied to the face which will soothe inflammation and brighten your skin to restore its glow.
  • Finally, medical moisturising products known to repair the skin barrier are then applied along with an SPF.

Your aesthetic skin specialist performing your facial will then recommend the medical skin care products for which may be suitable for you and these will be made available for you to purchase in the clinic on the day of your facial.

Rehydration and Skin Brightening Facial (LED Light Facial) Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say…
I have dry , sensitive skin, which gets worse in winter due to cold weather and central heating. I have been looking for a dry skin treatment for some time. I have the rehydrating facial throughout the winter months to keep my skin hydrated – it has been a God send for my skin.

Jacqueline, 57
Due to my sensitive skin I had never tried any facial treatments before visiting Dr Leah Clinic, the skincare they put me on and the rehydrating facial which I have every few weeks have calmed my skin and made it look much better than it ever has. I wish I had had known Dr Leah Clinic years earlier!

Debbie, 43

Treatment Price

Not available as a one-off facial
Course of 3 (£60 per facial)
Course of 6 (£60 per facial)

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How many dry skin facial treatments will I need?

You will see results after your first treatment, but they will be short lived, we advise you repair your skin barrier fully by having a course of 6 treatments (one every 2 weeks over a three-month period). You can then have top-up facials once every few months to keep the skin hydrated and glowing.

Who is this facial suitable for?

Males or females of any ethnicity who have a dry, sensitive or dull skin.

Are there any side effects?

The main side effect is skin irritation, particularly if you have a very sensitive skin. Other side effects are rare but may include but are not limited to redness, swelling, , allergic reaction.

At Dr Leah Clinics, you’re in safe hands

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*Results may vary from person to person

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