If there’s a lump, bump or cyst on your body on your body that you would like removed for cosmetic reasons – book an appointment at Dr Leah Baker Street clinic for a Cyst Removal London treatment. Our doctor will examine the cyst and remove it for you on the same day!

Most lumps and cysts are benign, but if we think there is cause for concern, we advise you to visit your GP in the first instance.

Small lumps and skin cysts are common and can be found in many different areas, including cysts on the face, scalp, neck and other parts of the body.

While they are generally not harmful, visible lumps and skin cysts may make you feel self-conscious, and they can be annoying if they keep getting caught on your clothing, your comb / hairbrush, or while washing. This is why many people who suffer from lumps and bumps often seek out cyst removal and sebaceous cyst removal.

Why Dr Leah Clinics for your Cyst Removal London treatment?

  • A well known clinicyou can trust - We are CQC registered to deliver cyst removal services and adhere to the highest standards of clinical practice.
  • Highly qualified doctor performing your treatment - Our cyst removal doctor is highly skilled and experienced in the procedure.
  • Focused on minimising scarring - We are a cosmetic clinic so unlike other mole removal providers we have a specific focus on the cosmetic aspect of the treatment and take active steps to minimise any scarring from the treatment. This includes ensuring our mole removal doctors are cosmetically focused. We also offer a ‘scar review’ at 6 weeks and half price scar treatment if required.
  • State-of-the- art Clinic in convenient location - We provide our mole removal London treatment at our conveniently located state-of-the-art Baker Street Clinic, which is a 1 minute walk from Baker Street tube station. If you prefer to drive, we are directly opposite the exit of 170 Marylebone Road Car Park where you can pre-book to park.

Please contact Dr Leah Clinics to book your consultation

Lump, Bump & Cyst Removal London Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say…
I had a few small lumps on my face and neck removed at Dr Leah clinic, it was quick and easy and I am pleased with the results.

Kyle, 53

Treatment Price

Consultation/Lesion Check with Dermatologist (non redeemable /non returnable)
See & Treat (Singular SMALL Lipoma, Epidermoid, Cyst, other Benign Lesion Removal)Does not include consultation fee
See & Treat (Singular MEDIUM Lipoma, Epidermoid, Cyst, other Benign Lesion Removal)Does not include consultation fee
Additional Cyst Removal (On the Same Day)

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How will you remove my cyst?

The cyst removal process, whether it be sebaceous cyst removal or other lump removal is fairly simple.

Once we have examined your cyst / lump and determined that we can safely remove it, we will use local anaesthetic to numb the area and then surgically remove the cyst.

Does this procedure leave a scar?

Yes, you will have a small scar where the lump, bump or cyst used to be. However, we try to minimise scarring as much as possible, and your scar will generally look far less noticeable than the lump itself. At doctor Leah Clinic we offer a scar-review appointment 6 weeks after your cyst removal, any scar treatment required (e.g. laser treatment) is offered for half price at that appointment.

Is it safe to remove a cyst?

We will inspect your cyst / lump closely before attempting to remove it. We won’t perform a cyst / lump removal procedure if we don’t deem it safe to do so.

At Dr Leah Clinics, you’re in safe hands

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Our skin therapist will respond via email within 2 working days with a suitable recommendation for you. Please note that doctor treatments e.g. injectables, aqualyx, thread lift, mole removal consultations are not available via remote consultation and require a face to face appointment. Call 0207 877 5999 to book a consultation with one of expert doctors today.
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