Procedure Time
12 weeks at home (estimated)
To treat
Clenziderm treats acne
Back to Work
Immediately (estimated)
Sensitivity Period
14 days (estimated)
Duration of Results
long term *

The Best Acne Treatment UK

Hailed as the best acne treatment and a vital part of your daily skincare routine - the high concentration of Salicylic acid in this product is the key ingredient which allows it to treat acne and achieve clear skin. The salicylic acid works by separating the bonds which hold on to dead skin cells enabling a deep exfoliation of the skin and unclogging the facial pores. The healthier skin is brought to the surface and increased skin cell turnover causes a decrease in bacteria build-up which lead to acne.

Full 3 product Obagi Clenziderm is a prescription-only medication available through Dr Leah Clinics after an in-depth medical skin consultation online or in the clinic.

Where can I buy Obagi Clenziderm cleanser?

Obagi Clenziderm cleanser is available to purchase in any Dr Leah Clinic or can be purchased or can be purchased via our SHOP.


Obagi Clenziderm full system is a 3 product regime that includes Obagi Clenziderm cleanser plus two other prescription medications (Obagi Clenziderm pore therapy and Obagi therapeutic lotion). The full Obagi Clenziderm system is only available after consultation with one of our doctors, it is a medical skincare regime suitable for those who want to stop breakouts and treat acne at the source. This prescription-strength acne treatment is specifically formulated for normal to oily skin to help treat acne where it starts.

How to obtain Clenziderm products?

  • Clenziderm cleanser is non-prescription and can be purchased directly via our online shop
  • Obagi hydrate moisturiser can also be purchased via our online shop
  • For a full Clenziderm regime (3 products) you will require a doctor consultation o You can have your Obagi UKskin consultation either in-clinic and take the products home with you or complete our virtual consult and have the products sent directly to your home address (P&P charges apply).


What is obagi Clenziderm system?

This is a 3 product skincare regime which is a topical Acne medication, it is a prescription strength skincare regime suitable for those who want to stop breakouts and treat acne. It is a strong skin care path for those wishing to combat both adolescent and adult acne.

How does the Obagi Clenziderm MD System System work?

P. acnes is the bacteria that causes acne to develop deep in our pores. Obagi Clenziderm MD system is formulated to target acne at the source, delivering a powerful medicine to kill the bacteria and prevent recurrent acne breakouts.

Step 1: Daily foaming cleanser (2% salicylic acid) - available to purchase without prescription
A lightweight , foaming spot cleanser with 2% salicylic acid and cooling menthol to clean impurities, leaving pores and skin feeling clear and refreshed.

Directions - Dispense a thumbnail size drop of cleanser and massage over your face. Rinse your skin then wait 10 to 15 minutes before applying any further product. As the daily foaming cleanser may dry the skin begin with cleansing once daily, then increase if necessary and if dryness or peeling becomes excessive, reduce cleansing of the face to every other day.

Step 2: Obagi Clenziderm MD System – Pore therapy (prescription strength salicylic acid solution, requires consultation with one of our doctors)

Pore therapy unclogs and refines pores - clearing dead skin cells with 2% salicylic acid and helping with acne treatment.

Step 3: Obagi Clenziderm MD System - Therapeutic lotion (5% Benzyl peroxide, requires consultation with one of our doctors)
This therapeutic lotion is formulated to deliver acne medication deep into the pores to directly target the bacteria which causes acne.

Step 4: Obagi hydrate moisturiser - available to purchase without prescription

It is strongly recommended that clients use obagi hydrate moisturiser alongside the clenziderm regime to prevent redness and irritation, it is specially formulated to restore your skin barrier but not clog pores like conventional moisturisers.

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