Mole removal
30 minutes - We can check your mole and remove it same day - ‘See and Treat’
Course or one-off treatment
Back to work
Immediately if you cover the treatment area
Full recovery
7 days
Duration of results
Side effects
Bleeding, scar, pain, infection


Moles are extremely common on the face and other parts of the body. They are caused by a collection of pigment producing cells (melanocytes). Most of the time they are harmless, however they may not be desirable cosmetically and at Dr Leah Clinics we specialise in cosmetic mole removal.

We offer a range of methods of mole removal so that the most suitable method can be used for each individual. As part of our follow up procedure you will be offered a scar review appointment 6 weeks after your treatment, where the area will be assessed and any scar treatment advised will be offered at HALF PRICE.

For facial mole removal see here.

What is the process for having a mole removed at Dr Leah Clinics?

  • (1) Book a ‘See and Treat’ Mole Removal appointment – you can have your mole examined by our specialist doctor and removed at the same consultation. It is important to have a mole check prior to the mole removal procedure. Our doctor will examine your mole under dermascope and proceed to remove it in the same appointment. Your mole will be removed using local anaesthetic, with you awake throughout.

Your mole can be removed by one of three techniques depending on the size and shape of the mole. This will be decided at your consultation.

  • Shave Excision – this is suitable for a protruding mole, minimally invasive, no stitches required. Can leave a round pinkish scar where the mole has been
  • Curette and Cautery- a wire with a small electrical charge is used to burn the mole away. Minimally invasive, no stitches required. Can leave a round pinkish scar where the mole has been
  • Elliptical Surgical Excision - mole is cut away surgically under local anaesthetic. Slightly more invasive than the other two methods. Stitches required and you will need to attend clinic 7 days later to have stitches removed. You may see a fine white line scar where the mole has been cut out.


  • (2) Scar review appointment - You will be offered a scar review appointment with one of our skin therapists 6 weeks after your mole removal. The area will be assessed and options to minimise a scar, if present, will be discussed. Any treatment required is offered at half price at this appointment.


Why Dr Leah Clinics for your Mole Removal London treatment?

A well known clinic you can trust - We are a doctor led clinic and employ highly trained specialists in mole check and mole removal. We are CQC registered to deliver mole removal services and adhere to the highest standards of clinical practice.

Focused on minimising scarring - We are a cosmetic clinic so unlike other mole removal providers we have a specific focus on the cosmetic aspect of the treatment and take active steps to minimise any scarring from the treatment. This includes ensuring our mole removal doctors are cosmetic aware, offering multiple techniques for mole removal. We also offer a ‘scar review’ at 6 weeks and half price scar treatment if required.

State-of-the- art Clinic in convenient location - We provide our mole removal London treatment at our conveniently located state-of-the-art Baker Street Clinic, which is a 1 minute walk from Baker Street tube station. If you prefer to drive, we are directly opposite the exit of 170 Marylebone Road Car Park where you can pre-book to park.

Book a consultation today – Our specialist doctor will assess your mole and recommend the most suitable method of removal.

Body mole removal london Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say…
I was worried about having a scar on my face after having mole removed, I knew I needed a clinic that were aware of the cosmetic side of things, this is why I choose Dr Leah Clinic. I had a shave mole removal and then laser on the scar at my 6 week appointment and I can barely see anything at all now! They don’t just remove the mole, they remove the scar! Love this clinic!

Jessica, 28
I had a mole on my face which bothered me, GP said I was not able to have it removed via NHS, I came to doctor Leah Clinic and was able to have it removed on the same day by surgically cutting it out. Within a week I could hardly see the scar and by the time I had my scar review appointment at 6 weeks I couldn’t see the scar at all! Very pleased, highly recommend!

Olivia, 26
I have had mole removal on face and my body, the process was seamless, I had them checked and then removed immediately after, I feel much more confident. Thank you!

John, 33
I was looking into mole removal on face as I had a mole I wanted removed on my cheek, I didn’t like how it looked, the doctor removed it within a matter of minutes and I came back a week later to have stitch removed and they informed me that the lab they sent it to for testing has said it was nothing sinister. It was an easy process start to finish.

Mick, 41

Treatment Price

Full body mole check (£150 if biopsies need to be taken)
(NON REFUNDABLE if you do not have treatment in same appointment)
Mole consultation and individual mole check with dermascope
£220 for additional moles removed on same day by same method
Shave excision /curette & cautery – includes histology check
£220 for additional moles removed on same day by same method or by shave / curette
Elliptical surgical excision (includes histology and includes suture removal at 7 days)

To view our full price list, please click here


Is mole removal permanent?

Generally moles do not regrow once they have been removed and most moles can be successfully and permanently removed in a single treatment.

How much does Mole removal cost?

The costs will vary depending on the method of mole removal you choose. Excisions (shave and curette/cautery) are less expensive than surgical removals because they do not require stitches. The number of moles you wish to have removed will also affect the price.
At Dr Leah Clinics we do not charge hidden consultation fees; our £50 mole check fee is deducted from the cost of the mole removal procedure if it is done on the same day (‘See and Treat appointment’).

What Happens At A Mole Removal Consultation?

We have two types of consultation for individual moles:

‘Individual Mole check consultation’: Cost £50 *non refundable. This is the appointment you should book if you would like a particular mole checked but do not wish for it to be removed on the same day. During this consultation our specialist doctor will check your mole using a device called a dermascope. This will allow the doctor to identify if there is anything you should be aware of regarding the mole.


‘See and Treat’ appointment: This is the appointment you should book if you wish to have a mole removed on the same day as your appointment. During this appointment our specialist doctor will check your mole using a device called a dermascope, and if appropriate will remove the mole using the most suitable method.

Can Dr Leah remove moles on face and body?

Yes, we treat moles on the face and body. Dr Leah Clinics’ specialist doctors areskilled in removing moles in these areas.

Does getting a mole removed leave a scar?

‘Shaving’ tends to leave a pinkish mark behind, but this usually fades over time. The surgical excision method requires a small stitch in the skin – this leaves a small mole removal scar, but again, this should fade over time and if required Dr Leah Clinics have laser solutions to reduce?improve scarring.

I have a mole removal scar after my treatment, what can I do?

Dr Leah Clinics have multiple treatments available to reduce the appearance of scars.

What if my mole is cancerous? When to get a mole checked?

The majority of moles are completely harmless. However, if your Dr Leah doctor believes there may be cause for concern, we will advise you on what to do next. Dr Leah Clinics routinely send ALL removed moles for histology. If you suspect that your mole is cancerous then the best thing to do is to visit your GP urgently.

What happens after mole removal?

Depending on the type of mole removal you have had, you will have either a pinkish mark where the mole had been (shave excision) or a white thin line with stitches (surgical excision).

The skin left behind may feel tender for a few days and will need to be covered with a plaster. It’s also best to use medical SPF on the area for the next 6 months as it will be sensitive to the sun. If you have had a surgical excision you will be offered an appointment 1 week later to remove your stitches.

With all types of mole removal we offer a ‘scar review’ with one of our aesthetic skin therapists 6 weeks after treatment.

Does Mole Removal Hurt?

No, the area will be numbed with a local anaesthetic. After the initial sting of the anaesthetic, you won’t feel anything.

Can I remove my mole simply because I don’t like how it looks?

Yes, this is called cosmetic mole removal and this is what Dr Leah Clinics specialise in.

At Dr Leah Clinics, you’re in safe hands

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