Skin tags are flesh-coloured growths (usually under 0.5cm in size) that protrude from the surface of the skin.

Skin tags are very common and generally harmless, although many people seek skin tag removal due to the cosmetic appearance of skin tags. Please note Dr Leah Clinic offer cosmetic skin tag removal London- if you have any red flag symptoms, such as skin tag is bleeding, growing rapidly or is painful you should consult your GP in the first instance.

Skin tag removal london


Skin tags typically are caused by skin friction so are most commonly seen where the skin folds or where clothing items frequently rub against the skin. Most commonly on the neck, underarm, under breast/ bra strap area or in groin area. Skin tags can be hereditary, and people who have type 2 diabetes or are overweight are at increased risk of getting them. Some people can also develop them in areas where there is no skin friction e.g. around the eyes, for no apparent reason.

How to remove skin tags?

Skin tag removal is generally considered cosmetic so is not available via NHS

While home remedies are available, however their efficacy is anecdotal and not supported by data, in some instances can cause irritation, allergic reactions or permanent scarring. For this reason we recommend in-clinic Skin tag removal treatment.

Our skin tag removal treatment London are performed by an experienced doctor by either:

  • Electrocautery- an electric probe or needle is used to burn off the skin tag.
  • Surgical snipping- using a scalpel, this is used for larger skin tags.

Our Skin removal treatment London is a quick and straight forward procedure with little recovery time required and is unlikely to leave a significant scar.

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Treatment Price

See and treat skin tag treatment’ 20 minutes no previous consult required
Skin tag removal (no histology check)

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Skin tag removal London – FAQS

How will you remove my skin tag?

The skin tag removal process is fairly simple.

Our doctor will examine the skin tag to determine if it is safe to remove, they will then use local anaesthetic to numb the area and then surgically remove it using a scalpel or burn it away using Electrocautery.

Does this procedure leave a scar?

Scar from skintag removal is generally very minimal and barely visible. Your scar will generally look far less noticeable than the tag itself.

Is it safe to remove a skin tag?

We will inspect your skin tag before attempting to remove it. We won’t perform a removal procedure if we don’t deem it safe to do so.

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