Procedure Time
30 minutes (estimated)
Back to Work
3 days (estimated)
Full recovery
1 week
Male or female
Duration of Results
5- 12 months*
Risks & Complications
Bruising, swelling, puckering, dimpling, pain*

Number one clinic in the UK for thread lift

Dr Leah Clinic specialise in thread lift treatments, our doctors are expert in thread lifting and use premium threads available on the market- Silhouette Soft thread. Our medical director, Dr Leah Totton, has performed the most Silhouette Soft thread lift treatments in the UK and has won the coveted award for best thread lift practitioner. Dr Leah has also been chosen as the official leading Silhoutte Soft thread lift UK trainer due to her high level of expertise in this procedure and teaches other doctors how to safely perform this procedure throughout the world.

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What is a fox eye thread lift?

Dr Leah Fox eye lift / Fox eye thread lift uses Silhouette Soft threads to thread lift eyes area, lifting the edge of the brow. This brow lift or a cats eye-lift treatment can be used to recreate the popular fox eye trend which gives a subtle slant upwards to the outer brow area, which effectively lifts and elongates the upper eyelid creating a beautiful almond eye shape.

The fox eye thread lift procedure can be used as a subtle solution for other eye concerns such as a heavy brow, asymmetry and hooded lids. For example one brow only can be lifted to correct symmetry, and as a tool to lift hooded, heavy eyelids which can develop with age to create a more ‘awake’ and refreshed eye area.

The thread Dr Leah Clinic use in Fox eye lift / Fox eye thread lift is Silhouette Soft, this brand of thread gives the longest lasting result for the eyebrow thread lift over other threads used for the fox eyes look. Each thread is a dissolvable stitch which contains tiny cones. These cones allow the thread to hook into the deep tissue of the face in order to lift it and they also produce collagen.

What does the fox eye lift procedure involve?

  • A thread, which is a dissolvable stitch which contains small cones, is inserted under the skin, it is then tightened and the cones of the thread hook under the skin to lift the area. The type of thread we use at Dr Leah Clinic is the premium thread on the market - The Silhouette Soft® thread.
  • You are awake throughout and the procedure takes no more than 20 minutes.
  • It is not painful as you are injected with local anaesthetic before the procedure.
  • Results are instant and recovery time is several days.

How does a fox eye lift work?

A Fox eye lift / Fox eye thread lift works in two ways;

  • Firstly, Eyebrow thread lift mechanically lifts the skin, which gives an immediate lifted appearance to the face – acting as a non-surgical brow lift
  • Secondly, over the following months, the small cones on the threads (which are anchored deep in your skin) stimulate the body’s collagen production, creating a lifted appearance that’s completely natural.
  • To enhance the lifting of the brow area and lengthen the effects of the Eyebrow thread lift - Botox above the eyebrows is injected on the day of treatment.

Thread Lift (eyes) is a non-surgical brow lift where threads are used in this area for three different reasons:

  • To change the shape of the brow often referred to as fox brows. This creates a wide eyed, lifted fox eye look keeping with the fox eye trend, which is not related to the ageing process.
  • To create a brow lift – e.g lift the brow to treat hooded lids or heavy eyebrows which often are caused by ageing – treatment for this indication is suitable from aged 30 onwards
  • To correct asymmetry, where a thread is placed in one brow to lift one brow to create symmetry with the other

Over time the threads simply naturally dissolve in your skin, the same way that any dissolvable stitch would.

Why is Dr Leah Clinic the best Clinic for a fox eye lift treatment?

  • Dr Leah Clinics specialise in thread lift treatments and are a centre of excellence for Thread Lifts in the UK.
  • Dr Leah Clinics use the premium thread available on the market – Silhouette Soft threads
  • Dr Leah Totton, Medical Director, is known as the “best thread lift doctor” in the UK and has won awards for thread lift treatments.
  • This treatment at Dr Leah Clinic Lift is referred to as the ultimate thread lift in London and Essex with patients flying in from abroad to have the procedure.
  • Dr Leah Totton is the international trainer for Silhouette Soft thread lift and has personally performed more Silhouette Soft thread lift procedures than any other UK doctor.
  • Dr Leah sits on the medical advisory board for Silhouette Soft demonstrating her high level of expertise in performing the procedure.
  • Dr Leah has also personally trained our associate medical director, Dr Sheila, to the same standard in this procedure.

Fox eye lift / Fox eye thread lift Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say…
I had an eyebrow thread lift and my result is great, my heavy set brows have always bothered me and having a fox eye look and shape has changed my entire face (for the better), so glad this treatment exists!

Amanda, 35
Dr Leah is the "thread lift queen" and it is a title I can say she absolutely deserves. I did a lot of research on the best thread face lift before seeing Dr Leah and she was recommended by a beauty journalist who described Dr Leah as the Thread lift queen and I am delighted to say - she was right! My experience with Dr Leah was entirely different to my previous botched thread lift with another doctor, she was professional, and her confidence in the treatment put me at ease. The procedure was so smooth, it took her hardly any time at all and I did not feel a thing after my anaesthetic injection. I am glad I can write that I had a positive experience, I can say that a thread lift is a good treatment but only if done by the right doctor.

Jen, 53
I had the fox eye lift and I absolutely love my new eyebrow and eye shape shape, striking and so pretty, thank you!

Chloe, 29

Treatment Price

Fox Eye lift treatment (Thread Lift + botox brow lift)
Fox Eye lift treatment plus plasma IQ (thread lift + botox brow lift + Plasma lift)

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Fox eye lift FAQS

How long will a fox eyes, eyebrow threadlift lift last?

A fox eyes, eyebrow threadlift lift lasts on average 6 months. Unlike thread lifts elsewhere on the face, which often last up to 18 months, the results from a fox eye lift tend to last less time, around 6 -12 months. After which point the procedure can be repeated.

Where on the face can I have a thread lift?

• Thread lift eyes area/fox eye lift/ Thread brow lift
• Lift cheeks and reduce sagging
• Lift middle and lower face to reduce folds / pouches of sagging tissue beside mouth
• Lift jowls – improving jawline definition
• Lift neck to improve a saggy neck area under chin and jaw

What age should I have a thread brow lift?

Threads can be used in brow in two different age groups, depending on the reason for treatment :

• To change the shape of the brow (e.g give a fox eye look/fox brow) which is suitable at any age over 18 and is common for women in their 20’s and 30s. This is not related to the ageing process.


• To create a brow lift – e.g lift the brow to treat hooded lids or heavy eyebrows which often are caused by ageing – treatment for this indication is suitable from aged 30 onwards and the most common age groups who present for brow lift for this reason are in their 40’s and 50’s.

Does a fox eye lift treatment hurt?

No – before the thread lift procedure begins, your Dr Leah doctor will inject a local anaesthetic to numb the treatment area and prevent pain.

What results can I expect from a fox eye lift?

The lifting effect from the fox eye thread lift will be visible immediately and will last approximately 5 months, after which point it can be repeated.

What is the difference between PDO and Silhouette Soft thread lift?

They are different treatments and they produce different results.
PDO threads tend to be easier to insert, cheaper in price and produce a different type of collagen to Silhouette Soft. They tend to give more plumping / rejuvenation than lift. Silhouette Soft threads produce less plumping than PDO threads but give a better lift.

Should I have PDO threads or Silhouette Soft fox eye treatment?

If you require plumping / volumisation as well as a subtle lift, then PDO are the best option. If you do not require additional volume but require a reasonable lift, then Silhouette Soft is the best option. In the case of fox eye treatment the duration of results is better with silhouette soft threads.

What are the side effects of a thread lift?

Some patients notice some bruising and swelling immediately after their Silhouette Soft® procedure. Other common side effects visible for the first days are puckering of the skin and dimples. We generally advise 2-3 days of work following a brow thread lift treatment as the downtime is not as significant as it is for threadlift elsewhere on face.

What should I do after my thread lift treatment?

There are an extensive aftercare list which you will have to follow after your procedure, which includes avoiding exercise for 7 days and sleeping on your back for 5 nights. You are likely to have obvious marks on the face for 2-3 days after the treatment so we advise taking a few days off work/ avoid social activities following this treatment.

Can I repeat my brow lift treatment?

Yes, there is no limit to how many times your fox eye lift treatment can be repeated.

Can I combine fox eye lift treatment with other treatments?

Yes, the fox eye thread lift treatment is combined with Botox treatment at the same time (this is included in the price). It is also possible to have fox eye lift treatment with threads elsewhere on face on the same day and many of our clients also wish to lift cheeks or jowls at the same time.

Which Dr Leah Clinics provide the treatment?

Dr Leah Baker Street clinic is where our thread lift treatments are performed, it has been specially equipped as a thread lift centre and where we conduct our fox eye thread treatment.

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