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Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

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   Do you want clearer skin? Long for smoother and brighter skin? Wish you could decrease spots and blemishes?

We have the treatment for you with our Obagi Blue Peel Radiance was £90 now just £65 a saving of £25 with our May offer!!!

(Course of 3 treatment: Was £270 - Now £195 save £75)


Best Results1 TREATMENT EVERY 2-4 weeks, A COURSE OF 3-6 peels is recommended

Key Benefits:

  • FULL RESULTS IN 2 WEEKS- once new skin is stimulated
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES  except very, sensitive

Why choose this peel?

This peel is ideal for anyone that wants to reduce sun damage, acne scars, blemishes, pigmentation and fine lines. It will help achieve results of smoother, younger and healthier looking skin.

Treatment information:

The peel only takes 30 minutes, perfect for a quick lunch break treatment! There is no pain with the peel however you may feel a slight tingling sensation.


For down time you make experience some shedding and peeling of the skin, we recommend you avoid sun and UV ray exposure and wear SPF 50 at all times.

Sometimes a result can be seen immediately however full results can be seen with in 2 weeks. Perfect for an upcoming special occasion!




To book a FREE consultation with a Dr Leah skin specialist at our London or Essex clinic to discuss your suitability for treatment call 02078775999 or email 




Dr Leah Clinics awarded Best Aesthetic Practice for the second year in a row in National Industry Awards

For the second year in a row The Dr Leah Clinic has been recognised as the Best Aesthetic Practice in London at The MyFaceMyBody Awards.  The Award was announced 17th March 2018, which saw Dr Leah Clinics beating off tough competition from some well-established practices and clinic chains.   Each award entry is supported by a deposition from the entrant, and after shortlisting, is voted for by its customers.  A third exacting part of the adjudication process is a mystery visit from the judges which results in an extensive 12-page report on their findings.  Winning all three elements is therefore testament to the evidence, support and substantiation of the Clinic’s high standards.

Established only four years ago the Dr Leah Clinic in London was set up by Dr Leah Totton, an aesthetics practitioner who won the 2013 series of BBC One's The Apprentice series.  The business plan for a cosmetic skin clinic which won her the title was fulfilled when she launched the first Dr Leah Clinic in 2014. The resulting business success of the first clinic in London allowed her to open a second in Essex in 2016 with the continued support and mentorship of Lord Alan Sugar.

Apprentice’s sweet success

Commenting on her win Lord Sugar commented “Well done to Dr Leah Clinics, winning “Best Aesthetic Clinic London 2018” at the National My Face My Body awards. This is the second year in a row she has won best Clinic in London." 

On being awarded her latest accolade Dr Totton stated "My aim when I won The Apprentice and formed Dr Leah Clinics business with Lord Sugar was that our clinics would lead the aesthetics industry and would set a new standard of excellence.  The vision was to create safe, ethical and truly excellent doctor-led clinics for clients to undertake cosmetic procedures should they desire to do so. My team and I have worked endlessly to make this vision a reality and we are delighted to have our success recognised on a national level with Dr Leah flagship clinic crowned "Best Cosmetic Clinic London" in the My Face My Body Awards 2018.”  

She added “To have won this incredibly competitive category, in consecutive years, only four years after opening the clinic, is one a I incredibly proud of. Winning this award would not have been possible without my exceptional team. The Dr Leah team truly are the best in the industry and have absolutely succeeded in maintaining the Dr Leah Clinic standard for excellence. I employ only the best and I am so grateful to have such talented and dedicated individuals represent the Dr Leah brand. Looking forward to our continued excellence & dedication to providing the best client experiences as we expand over the coming 12 months “

Stephen Handisides Founder of MyFaceMyBody concluded “We have hundreds of entries from practices every year at the MyFaceMyBody UK awards which is now the most recognised aesthetic awards globally.  It was a huge achievement for Dr Totton to win this hotly contested category, having only been in operation for four years.   I'm sure we will see her make our MyFaceMyBody Hall of Fame in a couple of years".  

The Award Winning Dr Leah Clinic in London is located in Moorgate, with a partner clinic in Loughton Essex, and further clinics planned to open later in 2018.  For more information please visit

Born in Londonderry in Northern Ireland, Dr Totton studied Medicine at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, and qualified top of her year and with a distinction in medicine.  She was already practicing as a doctor in a busy London hospital A&E department when she applied to be on The Apprentice.  With limited business experience at that point and a skill set more suited to an operating theatre than a boardroom, she didn't for one moment imagine that she would actually appear on the BBC TV show in 2013, let alone win it!  The 28-year-old, is now respected cosmetic skin specialist and continues to work as an NHS doctor.

Both her clinics offer a wide variety of aesthetic treatments for the face and body and Dr Leah has invested heavily in the latest technologies to provide the most contemporary, clinically proven treatments for her patients. Dr Totton advocates for improved quality and integrity in the cosmetic treatment industry.

Dr Leah Totton’s expertise in the Silhouette Soft procedure has led her winning awards for her treatment; to become the youngest trainer for the procedure; and she was recently invited to join the Medical Advisory Board of Sinclair Pharma.

MyFaceMyBody was established to bridge the gap between the aesthetic medicine market with mainstream beauty and fashion sectors to enable aesthetic brands and professionals to reach a much wider audience. The MyFaceMyBody awards celebrate the innovation and success within a fast growing industry.  For more information about the awards visit



Do you suffer with loose, saggy, ageing skin?

Are you looking for a non-surgical lift without going under the knife?

Ultherapy is the only FDA cleared Treatment for Lifting & Tightening that targets the same layer of tissue as a surgical face lift!

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a safe, FDA approved, micro-focused ultrasound treatment that effectively targets the lower layers of the skin to treat sagging, loose skin and stimulate collagen and elastin for natural looking results. After just one treatment, a firmer, tighter and more youthful appearance can be achieved without the need for surgery or downtime. If you want long-lasting lifting result Ultherapy can last up to 18 months* and is the treatment for you.

How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy uses a micro-focused ultrasound to bypass the skin’s surface and deliver targeted deep heat to the tissue to stimulate wound healing and the regeneration of important support structures in the skin such as collagen and elastin. By using focused energy alongside ultrasound imaging, the practitioner is able to deliver precise treatment to the location where it will be most beneficial, resulting in an extremely effective lifting treatment. 

Here are some of the key advantages of ultherapy treatment:

  • FDA approved non–surgical face-lifting treatment
  • FDA approved for décolletage wrinkles
  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • Only cosmetic devise to use ultrasound imaging for precise and targeted results
  • Non- surgical
  • No recovery time
  • Noticeable results that last up to 18months

*Results may vary from person to person


Before & After: 


Who is Ultherapy treatment suitable for? 

Ultherapy is suitable for people aged approximately 35+ years with mild to moderate skin laxity or sagging. Or for those looking to prevent the ageing affect.

However, a mandatory consultation is required prior to treatment with one of our skin specialists to ensure suitability for treatment. 

What areas can be treated using Ultherapy?

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Jowl
  • Eyes
  • Décolleté
  • Brow


How long until I see results? 

Clients may witness some initial effect, but lifting and firming will ultimately take place over approximately 2-3 months, as collagen is renewed and replaced with new, stronger collagen. As this collagen building process continues, continued improvements can appear for up to 12 months. 

How long will Ultherapy will results last? 

Most people find results last over 1 year, although touch-up treatments every 15-18months are recommended to stay ahead of the ageing process. Some clients will require more than one treatment. 

Does it hurt? 

There can be a slight aching over bony areas or a warm sensation in the skin during treatment. However this bearable and absolutely worth the results. You can take over the counter medication prior to treatment if you wish.

Is ultrasound skin treatment safe? 

Ultherapy is an FDA cleared procedure that has been used safely in over a million treatments worldwide. Ultrasound energy has been used safely in the medical field for more than 50 years. 

Could Ultherapy replace a face lift? 

Ultherapy treats the deep skin tissue, the same that is addressed in cosmetic surgery. However, it will not duplicate the result of a facelift. Ultherapy is a great alternative for those who don’t want to go under the knife, risk scar tissue and permanent damage yet achieve amazing results non-surgically.


Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

From 60 minutes estimated

Back To Work

Immediately estimated


Not required

Full Recovery

Immediately estimated

Sensitivity Period

Few hours estimated

Number of Treatments

1 treatment every 15-18 months (may vary from person to person)


2-3 months results will be visible *

Duration of Results

1 year *

Risks & Complications

Mild redness, swelling and tenderness *

To book a FREE consultation with a Dr Leah skin specialist at our London or Essex clinic to discuss your suitability for treatment call 02078775999 or email 




Overindulged over Christmas? Had enough of stubborn pockets of fat?

January is the time for new year goals, eating healthy and getting in shape for Spring /Summer!

 And we can help with our amazing 40% off fat freezing offer – this ONE OFF treatment will permanently remove you fat from tummy, thighs or arms!

New Year is always earmarked as the time when we review our health and beauty routines – it is the classic springboard to embark on resolutions to improve our levels of health, fitness and weight.

Weight gained over the festive period can prove more stubborn to shift, studies have shown that on an average we can gain anything between 0.8kg to a whopping 8kg over the season. This could be due to us over indulging with an average Christmas dinner serving coming in at 2,300 calories per sitting or a little too much Christmas pudding at 400 calories per portion.

So if like most of us you have over indulged over the festive period and cannot wait to get rid of the post festive bulge, then this month Dr Leah Clinic has decided to give you a little helping hand in the post festive slim down.

We are offering 40% OFF for the month of January on our fat freezing treatment. That’s a saving of 180!! Treatment is suitable to remove stubborn fat on tummy, thighs or arms! 

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing is a process during which your fat cells are effectively frozen, reducing unwanted flab and leaving you with an attractive, toned appearance. The method we use is called Cryolipolysis a non-surgical, pain free, 1-hour treatment alternative to liposuction.

What happens during the treatment? 

Your therapist places a device on the treatment site (e.g. your abdomen) and this lowers the temperature within this localised area of your body. Without affecting any other cells, this procedure causes your unwanted fat cells to freeze and subsequently leave the body. Only one treatment is required, but since the body does take several months to flush out the dead fat cells, results will only be visible after 6-12 weeks.* 

How does it work? 

Once the crystallised cells have left your body through the lymphatic system, you will notice a considerable reduction in that area’s visible fat. Fat freezing can be used on several areas of the body, including the abdomen, arms, waist and thighs.* 

Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

45 minutes per application estimated

Back To Work

Immediate estimated



Full Recovery

Immediate *

Sensitivity Period

Up to 10 days estimated

Recommended Number of Treatments

1 *


Visible after 8-12 weeks *

Duration Of Results

Long Term Results *

Risks & Complications

Possible bruising, slight numbness for up to 10 days *

To book a FREE consultation with a Dr Leah body specialist at our London or Essex clinic to discuss your suitability for treatment call 02078775999 or email 





Do you want brighter, rejuvenated, deep cleaned skin? Then this is the facial for you!

What does the facial involve?

This luxury facial uses a combination of innovative technologies to brighten, firm and rehydrate the skin. Here are the steps of the facial:

·        Firstly we use Diamond Microdermabrasion to remove the top layer of the dead skin cells which refreshes and polishes the skin. 

·        Followed by lifting and toning Radio Frequency to plump and tighten the skin with desired anti- ageing results.

·        We then use a blend of gentle fruit acid exfoliators to further brighten and polish the skin.

·        This is followed by a hyaluronic acid mask to deeply re-hydrate and plump the skin.

·        Lastly we use our NEW Led light therapy treatment to target either anti-ageing and brightening, or Acne and inflammation. 

With instant results and long term skin regeneration benefits this is a perfect skin pick me up! This deluxe facial treatment really is top of the range. 



Summary Of Your Treatment

Procedure Time

1 hour estimated

Back To Work

Immediate estimated



Full Recovery

48 hours estimated


Visible immediately - We recommend a course of 6 facials, once weekly for optimum results * 

Who is the bespoke facial for? 

Anyone! The bespoke element really does make this a fantastic facial treatment – the whole procedure will be unique to your needs and wishes. 

How do you decide what to do? 

Before any Dr Leah treatment (including this deluxe facial), we will meet with you at our modern, conveniently located clinic to discuss your needs and what you wish to achieve. This consultation session will allow us to create a completely bespoke facial treatment for you. 

To book a FREE consultation with our skin specialist at our London or Essex clinic to discuss your suitability for treatment call 02035043736 or email 



Take advantage of our Black Friday Offer with 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS in clinic on FRIDAY 24th & SATURDAY 25th November. Visit us in our London Moorgate Clinic or Loughton Clinic or call us on 02078775999 to reserve your products or have them sent via post.*


Dr Leah’s Top 5 Product Recommendations

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream or Serum was £94 - Now £79.90


For firmer-, more resilient-looking eyes, refresh your skin's appearance with ELASTIderm Eye Products formulated with clinically proven ingredients. These products help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; improve the feeling of elasticity and firmness; and promote smoother, tighter-looking skin.

Obagi Professional C Serum 15% was £82 - Now £69.70


Obagi Professional-C Serum 15% infuses your skin with L-ascorbic acid, the only form of vitamin C suitable for topical application. Designed to penetrated deep into your skin, this formula provides effective antioxidant protection from UV damage as it brightens away hyperpigmentation and encourages the growth of collagen and elastin fibres


Obagi Hydrate was £39 - Now £33.15


Provide instant, long-lasting hydration for essential moisturising and rejuvenation, using innovative technologies and naturally-derived ingredients. These dermatologist-tested moisturizers are hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and designed for a variety of skin types to help enhance skin smoothness.



Obagi CLENZIderm Foaming Cleanser was £40 - Now £34

Daily Care Foaming Cleanser (120ml) for Normal to Oily Skin. Removes dirt and excess oil with 2% salicylic acid, leaving skin clean and refreshed.  An excellent skin care routine for Acne sufferers.  Increased skin cell turnover causes a decrease in bacteria build up and impurities which cause spots. Soothing menthol within the formulation calms and cools irritated skin.


Obagi CLENZIderm Pore Therapy was £40 - Now £34

Obagi CLENZIderm Pore Therapy unclogs pores, promotes the exfoliation of dead skin cells and prepares the skin for further acne treatments.

Containing 2% Salicylic Acid, CLENZIderm Pore Therapy cleanses away residue, makeup and dirt, as it minimizes the appearance of and prevents blemishes. Your complexion becomes clearer, softer and healthier.


Why not take advantage of our FREE skin analysis to determine which treatments and products are best for you?


Book an appointment today or call our Skin Specialists for more information on 02078775999



*Products sent via post will be subject to a delivery charge*



Slim down for Christmas - lose 6 inches in 6 weeks!

NOVEMBER SPECIAL OFFER- X6 Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments FOR £684- SAVE £456!!

As Christmas approaches and the office party looms we decided here at Dr Leah’s Clinic to give you a little helping hand in looking and feeling your best over the festive season with our amazing “Lose 6 inches in 6 weeks” special offer, saving £456!!

Medical grade ultrasound cavitation is used to safely break down fat on tummy, thighs or arms.

The offer includes:

  •   6 x 40 minutes cavitation sessions for just £684
  •    This is 1 x 40 minute session per week for 6 weeks 
  •     Non-surgical with no scarring or recovery time
  •    Results within 6 weeks

This is a limited offer for the first 50 patients so call to book your FREE consultation with our body specialist in either our London or Essex Clinic 

What is Medical grade ultrasound cavitation inch loss?

Do you want a smaller more defined waist, slimmer hips and thighs? Ultrasound Cavitation can help you to lose inches instantly with permanent results on stubborn fatty areas.

Ultrasound cavitation uses ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells without harming any other cells in your body. The 3D liposuction treatment targets specific areas to reduce body fat safely, efficiently and non-invasively in a course of six 40 minute treatments.


Do not undergo ultrasound cavitation treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 


Its recommended not consume any alcohol or caffeine on the day of your treatment. Avoid heavy meals immediately before and after the procedure. We recommend drinking 2 litres of water per day during your course of cavitation treatments to aid the remove of the fatty cells broken down in treatment.


Treatment Summary:

Procedure Time

40 Minutes estimated

Back to Work

Immediate estimated- You could have the treatment in your lunch break!


None- No surgical scarring


Visible after 7 days * However the full course is required for maximum results

Recommended Number of Treatments


Full Recovery

Immediate *- No surgical scarring or downtime like traditional liposuction

Duration Of Results

Long Term Permanent Results following recommended homecare*


To book a FREE consultation with our body specialist at our London or Essex clinic to discuss your suitability for treatment call 02035043736 or email


*Results may vary from person to person


If you would like to rejuvenate your skin, treat sagging & loose skin and obtain a more youthful appearance for your FACE, NECK or HANDS our NEW TREATMENT -PROFHILO is the treatment for you!




Profhilo- New Treatment


Profhilo is in between a skin booster and filler which delivers hyaluronic acid via a small syringe 3mm into the skin. The gel like formula spreads beneath the skin like honey, stimulating collagen and elastin and provides an instant, smoother, glowing skin, smoothing fine lines.

How does it work? 

As a stabilised product Profhilo lasts in the skin around 28 days. During this time the stimulation of 4 different types of collagen and elastin takes place by slow release of Hyaluronic acid. The gel like formula acts in a way filler couldn’t, stimulating collagen and elastin and attracting water into the deeper layers of the skin.

The stimulation results in significant tissue improvement. Therefore we cannot say that Profhilo is a skin booster as it also has a significant tightening / lifting effect on the tissue.

Where can Profhilo be used?

Profhilo is most commonly used for facial areas, but can also effectively be used for rejuvenating the neck, décolleté, arms, knees and hands. Profhilo delivers great results as a treatment on its own or in combination with other aesthetics treatments currently on offer at Dr Leah Clinics.

 What is the result? 

After just a single course of Profhilo, which involves two injectable treatments four weeks apart, clients can expect to see an intense hydration. It makes the skin glow and fine lines can disappear. You’ll notice smoother, tighter skin. Even for those clients with wrinkled, creepy skin, an improvement in the texture is undeniable. The treatment can be repeated after six months in cases where more repair is desired.


Are there any risks or side effects and what is the down time? 

Profhilo was launched in February 2015 in Italy. It’s been used worldwide ever since. Over 150,000 patients have been treated so far with no adverse reactions reported. From a safety perspective, Profhilo is highly biocompatible. That’s because it is made from ultrapure, natural Hyaluronic Acid and is stabilised without the addition of chemical cross-linking agents. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions. The product has also won numerous awards.

The downtime is minimal. When injected using the five-point technique on each side of the face, each insertion is immediately noticeable. However, they start diffusing very quickly and they disappear completely by next day.


 How quickly will I notice results?

Optimum results from treatment will be visible four weeks after the course of Profhilo, which involves two injectable treatments four weeks apart. Clients can expect to see an intense hydration with glowing skin and fine lines minimised. You’ll notice smoother, tighter skin. Even for those clients with very wrinkled skin, an improvement in the texture is undeniable. 

Results last 6 to 9 months*

Treatment Price:

From £500 a treatment (two treatments required) Introductory Offer for October Only £888 for a course of two treatments- Save over £100!!

Available in our London and Essex clinic

Book a FREE consultation with one of our doctors specialising in this treatment at our London or Essex Clinics.

Call: 020 7877 5999 or email find out more.



"Have you ever wondered why celebrities always appear to have perfect facial ratios?" 

Here at the Dr Leah Clinic we are extremely excited to be able to bring you our very own COSMETIC CONTOUR TRANSFORMATION package. This is a unique combination of treatments put together to help you achieve the stunning contoured effect.

After teaming up with our UK leading makeup artist Natasha Sandhu together we have designed a treatment to give you that sought after contoured effect without the hassle and time constraint of using palettes and make up every day!

This treatment is created to achieve those striking Kim Kardashian cheek bones, stunning defined slimmer lower face and the perfect dainty chin. Giving the overall beautiful heart shaped features.

Our expert doctors will enhance your features using Botox and dermal filler to give you the perfect ratios and make the most stunning version of yourself WITHOUT looking like you have had anything “done”.


Treatment breakdown

·    Jaw (Masseter) Botox:

This is a technique used for facial reshaping. It can improve the shape of the face. Although a strong, square jawline can be sought after in a male it is not seen as feminine and many females desire a more soft and feminine shape.

This is a quick, simple and easy technique with no down time to help achieve that attractive heart shape face.


·     Cheek Filler:

This procedure is used to lift and rejuvenate your cheeks, all without the need for surgical operations. We use facial fillers (made from natural gel) to improve the appearance of your cheeks and combat saggy, aged-looking skin.

As you get older, you may begin to notice some sagging in the skin on your face. This is a common sign of ageing, but we can use dermal fillers to make your cheeks look a little fuller and reduce unsightly jowls and wrinkles. Alternatively, younger patients may simply desire more prominent/defined cheekbones.

·     Chin Filler:

The chin can play a vital part in the overall image of your facial features. It is important for it to be the right size and shape to be in harmony with your other facial features to collectively contour the face. 

Introducing fillers to your chin can help us achieve balance to your other features on the face such as your nose and lips. It can also help with proportions and to elongate it to create that perfect facial shape.


Once we have put all of these treatments together into one complete package for you it will achieve that desired contoured look for you leaving you looking slimmer and chiselled.

We want to get you as Instagram ready as your favourite celebrity! So we have combined these three treatments to create a perfect facial contour package, which will optimise your facial shape and ratios and make you look the most beautiful version of yourself.  

Important information:

Total Price: £1000 (lower face botox plus 2ml Juvaderm Vycross range filler)

Pain relief: Medical grade numbing cream applied before treatment

Results: Full results in 14 days. Results last 12-18 months. 

Recovery time: 24 hours


Where: Available in our London and Essex clinic


Book a FREE consultation with one of our doctors specialising in this treatment at our London or Essex Clinics.


Call: 020 7877 5999 or email find out more.





The Dr Leah Lift has officially been LAUNCHED! Here at the Dr Leah clinic we are extremely excited about this OUTSTANDING results driven NEW non surgical FACELIFT exclusively revealed in today's London Evening Standard!


This 3 step facelift involves NO scalpel, NO Botox, NO dermal filler! This treatment provides natural looking lifting, firming results as well as skin rejuvenation and is achieved by 3 easy steps with minimal downtime.


 Pre treatment - you will have a face to face consultation with a Dr Leah lift trained doctor to assess your suitability then treatment steps are as follows:


(1) Ultherapy ultrasound faceliftmicro-focused ultrasound treatment that effectively targets sagging, loose skin for long lasting lifting and firming results.


(2) Silhouette soft thread lift designed to redefine the face for those looking for restored volume and reduced saggingThe thread lift treatment takes approximately 1 hour to perform and involves pulling a thread under the skin of the jaw line and lower face and mechanically pulling it upwards, lifting the mid and lower face to improved sagging.


(3) Facial peel - To smooth, brighten and rejuvenate skin.


The combined results will develop over the course of 2-3 months with continued improvement for up to 6 months, overall result lasting approximately 1-2 years for long lasting definition to the face and neck. 


 To find out more or to book your FREE initial consultation with one of our clinic doctors to assess if you are suitable for the Dr Leah Lift call Dr Leah Clinics on 020 7877 5999 or email





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Tried and tested: EVENING STANDARD review The Dr Leah Lift, a new scalpel free, Botox free, filler free face lift

The Dr Leah Lift is a new treatment that has been three years in development, which tackles sagging lower face and neck

Before and after: Katy Walker reviews the Dr Leah Lift


At 47 I’d hardly say I was getting old but when my face looked a million times better by simply using my fingers to push skin on either side upwards to where it had come from, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if it could just stay there.

I’ve had a couple of Botox treatments in the past, but with disappointing results and I’ve never been a fan of those over the top celebrity facelifts.

And so to the rescue came TV’s Apprentice winner Dr Leah Totton.

The Dr Leah Lift is a new treatment that has been three years in development, which tackles sagging lower face and neck. It involves a combination of the latest skin lifting technologies and non-surgical techniques to offer a scalpel free, Botox-free, filler-free facelift. 

The Dr Leah Lift is a three-phased approach, starting with an ultherapy treatment. A hand-held ultrasound device was used to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin deep within the skin of my face and neck.  After treatment, the body’s tissue repair process stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin creating a lifting and tightening effect and therefore a more youthful appearance. This part of the treatment took two hours, was mildly uncomfortable but not painful and I was able to return to work immediately after.

A month later, I returned to the Moorgate clinic for my Silhouette Soft thread lift treatment. Forget surgery and scalpels, this is a contemporary skin lifting procedure using dissolvable sutures (threads) which starts a unique two-stage process – immediate lift and gradual collagen regeneration. Think of it as a bolstering device for skin’s structure, reversing the southward droop of necks, jowls and cheeks.

 The process is painless and took about 30 minutes. The results were instant, lifting my jowls, giving me the “push up” I had been giving myself in the mirror, but this time they stayed in place when I moved my hands away! Even better, there was next to no downtime, I was able to return to work two days later.

What I particularly loved was that for three months after my treatment, results have continued to improve, as the sutures have encouraged increased collagen production in the areas treated, giving me gradual rejuvenation and my ultherapy treatment has now kicked in firming and tightening my neck in particular.

The third and Final phase was a Professional  Dr Leah Skin Peel.  This bespoke facial peel was developed by Dr Leah using natural ingredients to remove dull and dead skin cells to brighten and illuminate the treated face and nourish the complexion.  This took 30 minutes to perform with no recovery time and my skin looked instantly refreshed. 

It’s been three months since I started the treatment and I’m delighted with the results. I am no longer noticing the pulled down look of sagging jowls and a sagging neck. Everything is where it was five years ago but it doesn’t  look like I’ve had “work done” and, so I’m told, I still look like me.  

Katy’s Dr Leah Lift cost £2,999 and includes ultrasound lifting treatment and Silhouette Soft sutures for the midface and a professional skin peel.



Last weekend our Director Dr Leah Totton attended the Aesthetic and Anti – Ageing Medicine world Congress in Monte – Carlo held under the high patronage of H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco. During the congress Dr Leah learnt the latest in advanced aesthetic techniques and also became an accredited global trainer for Silhouette Soft thread lifts. As a specialist in facial sagging and having previously won the top prize in the UK for excellence in Silhouette Soft thread lifts she is fast becoming world renowned as a threads expert winning awards based on medical excellence, skill and best outcome for patients Dr Leah.  Dr Leah will now be training other highly esteemed doctors in how to manage sustainable and highly effective results with the silhouette soft threads and become expert in treating facial sagging.

Dr Leah said “keeping up to date with the latest technologies and injection techniques is crucial to ensure myself and my team consistently deliver best results for our clients. As an industry leader it is vital that ongoing training is at the core of my business so that my clients can feel reassured high quality treatments with safe and effective outcomes will be administered at every visit”


To find out more about the Silhouette Soft thread lift or other services we offer at the Dr Leah clinic please call: 020 7877 5999 or email



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