Gone are the days of a "one-size-fits-all" solution - men's skin has unique needs, and we understand that at Dr Leah Clinic! That is  why we are proud to introduce Dr. Bassam Band, our globally recognised expert in male facial aesthetics. And to celebrate, this Men's Health week we have curated a selection of treatments to address the unique concerns of our male clientele, ensuring subtle and natural-looking male rejuvenation results.

Why Men Deserve Specialised Care

Men's skin is about 25% thicker than women's, thanks to higher testosterone levels. This translates to increased oil production, clogged pores, and a higher risk of acne. Additionally, men lose collagen faster, leading to deeper wrinkles and lines. Shaving irritation further impacts skin health, and hair loss is another concern entirely. By age 50, roughly 50% of men will experience some degree of hair thinning, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

At Dr. Leah Clinic we have curated a list of our key treatments to combat these specific concerns reported by our male customers:

1.Blackhead extraction facial: 

While men's skin produces more oil than women's, it can still be prone to dehydration as well as blackheads and acne. This is because that thicker outer layer, while good for barrier function, can also trap moisture and prevent proper hydration. This dehydration can manifest as flakiness, irritation, and even the appearance of deeper wrinkles. That's where our Blackhead Extraction Facial Treatment comes in. This treatment tackles blackheads, oiliness, and other common male skin concerns with a multi-step approach:

  • Deep Cleansing: We start with a deep cleanse specifically formulated for men's skin. This removes excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that can clog pores and contribute to blackhead formation.
  • Exfoliation: Followed by a double cleanse with medical exfoliators, Microdermabrasion treatment using diamond microdermabrasion and a Mini-peel, exfoliator or steam treatment (depending on skin type) applied to aid todraw blackheads out of the skin
  • Expert Blackhead Extraction: Our experienced aesthetician will then use gentle extractions to remove blackheads from your nose, chin, and forehead. Unlike harsh pore strips or at-home methods, this professional extraction minimizes the risk of scarring and irritation.
  • Hydration Tailored for Men: Following the extractions, we'll apply a selection of hydrating products specifically chosen for men's skin. These products are lightweight and oil-free, providing essential moisture without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. This targeted hydration helps to balance the oil production in men's skin, preventing future breakouts and promoting a healthier, more resilient complexion. Find out more on BlackHead Extraction facials HERE today.

2. Dermapen Microneedling & Subcision for Deep Scarring: This powerful combination effectively combats stubborn acne and acne scars and promotes a clearer complexion. A male-based study published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology found that microneedling significantly reduced acne severity men by an average of 55% after just three treatments. Here's how it works:

  • Microneedling: We use a Dermapen, a state-of-the-art device, to create tiny controlled channels in your skin. This triggers the body's natural healing response, boosting collagen production. This is particularly beneficial for men, as increased collagen helps diminish acne scars and smooth out the rough, uneven texture often associated with deeper scars. 
  • Subcision (if needed): In some cases, acne scars can be tethered to underlying tissue, making them appear deeper. For these stubborn scars, Dr. Leah Clinic may recommend subcision. This minimally invasive procedure uses a specialized needle to loosen this tethered scar tissue, allowing the skin to rise to a smoother level.Find out more on Dermapen HERE today.

3. Male Facial Rejuvenation by Dr. Bassam: 

 Our renowned specialist, Dr. Bassam Band, offers a unique approach to facial rejuvenation specifically designed for men. Here's what sets it apart:

  • 7-Point Injectable Approach: Dr. Bassam targets areas prone to volume loss in men with strategically placed injectable fillers. This approach restores a more youthful, balanced appearance while maintaining a natural, masculine look. Men tend to lose volume differently than women, so this tailored approach is crucial for optimal results. 
  • Polynucleotide Therapy: As an alternative to traditional anti-wrinkle relaxing treatments, Dr. Bassam may incorporate polynucleotide therapy. This innovative treatment offers a subtler approach to reducing fine lines while still achieving noticeable results. It's a perfect option for men who want to soften wrinkles without compromising their natural facial expressions. Find out more on Polynucleotides HERE
  • Facial Harmonisation & Jawline Enhancement: Dr Bassam will evaluate your facial structure to see if strategically placed dermal fillers can enhance your look, such as sharpening and squaring of the jawline, which is often seen as a desirable masculine feature. Through careful filler placement, Dr. Bassam can subtly define your jawline for a more balanced and sculpted appearance.  Find out more about Jawline filler HERE

4. Hair Loss Treatment:

With a significant proportion of men attending Dr. Leah Clinic with hair-loss concerns, we understand the impact hair-loss can have on your confidence. That's why we offer a comprehensive hair loss treatment plan specifically designed to stimulate hair growth and combat thinning, all while creating a healthy scalp environment for optimal results. Our plan combines PRP therapy and polynucleotides to stimulate hair growth and combat thinning. Deep exfoliation with the Hydro2 system further encourages a healthy scalp environment for optimal hair growth. 

Here's a breakdown of the powerful combination therapies used in our Hair Loss Treatment:

  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy: This innovative treatment harnesses the power of your own blood. A small amount of blood is drawn and processed to isolate Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is a concentrated source of growth factors, which are natural proteins that play a vital role in stimulating cell regeneration and tissue repair. When injected into the scalp, PRP stimulates dormant hair follicles and promotes healthier hair growth. Studies have shown PRP therapy to be effective in increasing hair density and thickness in men. Find out more about PRP for hair HERE
  • Polynucleotide Therapy: This cutting-edge treatment utilises polynucleotides, which are naturally occurring molecules that help improve cellular function and communication. In the context of hair loss, polynucleotides work by promoting blood flow to the scalp and nourishing hair follicles. This improved blood flow delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to the follicles, stimulating hair growth and potentially slowing down the process of hair thinning.
  • Deep Exfoliation with the Hydro2 System: A healthy scalp environment is crucial for optimal hair growth. Dead skin cells and buildup can clog hair follicles and hinder hair growth. Our Hydro2 system provides a deep, yet gentle exfoliation of the scalp. This removes dead skin cells and debris, promoting better penetration of the PRP and polynucleotide treatments. Additionally, the Hydro2 system can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, further enhancing the effectiveness of the overall hair loss treatment plan. Find out more on Hydro2 HERE

The Dr. Leah Clinic Difference At Dr. Leah Clinic, we understand the importance of natural-looking results - whether you're battling acne, experiencing early signs of aging, or seeking to address hair loss, we have a solution for you.



Would you love to achieve a curvier, smoother silhouette–safely and without surgery? In this blog we talk you through the wonders of a non-surgical bbl and improving cellulite with Lanluma and introduce our very special offer to you!

Sunshine, beaches, and feeling confident in your summer outfit is what many of us focus on as summer approaches. At Dr Leah Clinic we feel it's important to love all bodies, all shapes and sizes! But if you feel like you would like some help to achieve a more rounded, plumper, lifted, perkier bottom or smooth out hip dips and cellulite at Dr. Leah Clinic we've got you covered! As the UK's leading Lanluma® experts throughout June, we're offering an exclusive £200 voucher on Lanluma treatments booked in June!

What is Lanluma?
Lanluma® is a revolutionary injectable treatment that uses poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to stimulate your body's natural collagen production. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin structure and volume. As we age, collagen production decreases, leading to sagging and a loss of definition in areas like the buttocks and hips.

Why Choose Lanluma?

• Natural-Looking Results: Unlike implants, Lanluma® promotes gradual enhancement that complements your unique body shape - for a natural-looking plump and lifted bottom

• Long-lasting Effects: Enjoy the results of your Lanluma® treatment for up to 2-5 years!

• Safe and Effective: Lanluma® avoids the risks associated with BBL surgery and unregulated dermal fillers. It uses injectable PLLA for a safer, gradual enhancement that lasts far longer than filler.

• Shapes, Smooths, and Fills: Achieve a rounder, fuller bottom, smooth out cellulite and dimpling, and restore volume to your hips for a balanced, hourglass figure.

Dr. Leah Clinic: The UK's Lanluma Experts
Our experienced doctors have performed more Lanluma® Bum and hip treatments than any other clinic in the UK. We understand your desire for a safe and natural-looking enhancement, and we'll work with you to achieve your dream body.

Ready to give yourself an extra confidence boost?
Don't miss out on this limited-time offer! Book your FREE Lanluma consultation today and claim your £200 discount in June by emailing info@drleah.co.uk or read more on Lanluma here. Experience the difference with Dr. Leah Clinic, the UK's leading experts in safe and effective buttock enhancement.

*Please note, £200 is only redeemable for Lanluma treatments, the first of which must be performed before 30th June 2024.*

Ah, summer. The season of sunshine, picnics, and...uncontrollable sweating? For those suffering from hyperhidrosis, the carefree days of summer can be overshadowed by the constant anxiety of embarrassing sweat patches. But fear not, fellow commuters! Science has a weapon in our sweaty arsenal: anti-sweat injections.

Hyperhidrosis: When Sweating Goes Rogue
Our bodies sweat to cool down. It's a natural and essential function. But for people with hyperhidrosis, the sweat glands go into overdrive, producing excessive sweat even in cool temperatures or during low-stress situations. This can affect any part of the body, but the armpits, hands, and soles of the feet are common culprits. Hyperhidrosis is a real medical condition, not just a summer annoyance. It can significantly impact quality of life, leading to social anxiety, emotional distress, and even affecting your choice of clothes.

Enter Sweat Reduction Injections
Injections used for anti-wrinkle treatment, has a surprising superpower: it can shut down sweat production. Here's the science bit: The injections involve a purified protein that temporarily blocks the nerve signals that tell your sweat glands to activate. Think of it like a tiny "off" switch for your overenthusiastic sweat production.

Benefits Beyond the Beach
Injections for hyperhidrosis are a minimally invasive procedure with a big impact. Studies show a significant reduction in sweat production, often exceeding 80%. Imagine a summer commute free from sweat-drenched shirts and the self-consciousness that comes with it. But the benefits extend beyond summer. This treatment can provide long-lasting relief for months, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable in all situations, whether it's a job interview, a first date, or that nerve-wracking presentation.

Is Hyperhidrosis Treatment Right for You?
If you suspect you might have hyperhidrosis, it's important to consult a dermatologist or doctor. They can diagnose the condition and determine if injections are the right treatment option for you. While generally safe, discussing your medical history with a doctor is crucial.

How Dr Leah Clinics can help
Dr. Leah Clinics understand the struggles of hyperhidrosis and offer a solution using injectable muscle relaxants. Our experienced doctors target specific areas like the armpits, forehead, scalp, and even hands and feet . The procedure involves a series of tiny injections that temporarily block the nerve signals to your sweat glands. This quick and safe treatment can significantly reduce sweat production for up to 6 months, allowing you to experience a summer (and beyond) free from excessive sweating and regain your confidence.

So, this summer, don't let hyperhidrosis hold you back. Embrace the sunshine, conquer your commute, and raise your hand with confidence. Science has your back (or rather, your armpits) covered!

Book your Hyperhidrosis Treatment at Dr Leah Clinic Today!



Ultherapy: A Firmer, Lifted You with Dr. Leah Totton
Have you noticed a loss of definition in your jawline, or perhaps some unwanted lines and wrinkles creeping in around your brows and décolletage? You're not alone! As we age, our skin naturally loses elasticity and collagen, leading to these visible signs of aging. Fortunately, there are advanced aesthetic solutions available to combat these concerns. In a recent article published by Women's Health Magazine UK, Dr. Leah Totton, our founder of Dr. Leah Clinics, sheds light on Ultherapy, a non-invasive treatment that can help you achieve a lifted, firmer appearance. This blog post overviews the Women's Health Magazine UK article, exploring Ultherapy in detail and highlighting Dr. Leah Totton's valuable insights. We'll break down what Ultherapy is, the benefits it offers, and some key considerations before undergoing the procedure.

Book your Utherapy consultation at Dr Leah Clinic today!

Ultherapy: Lifting and Tightening From Within

The Women's Health Magazine UK article opens by introducing Ultherapy - The innovative, non-invasive cosmetic procedure that targets specific areas of the face, neck, and chest by utilising ultrasound energy to address the underlying causes of sagging skin and wrinkles. Unlike topical creams or masks that work superficially, Ultherapy goes deep beyond the surface. The ultrasound energy precisely targets deeper skin layers, stimulating the production of collagen, the protein responsible for skin's plumpness and elasticity.  The Ultherapy machine has different attachments that deliver ultrasound waves at various depths: superficial, medium, and deep. This targeted energy also causes the muscle to contract and shrink, which translates to a visible lifting and firming effect on the skin giving you a more youthful, sculpted appearance from just one session.

Dr. Leah Totton Shares Her Expertise
The article which you can read in full HERE delves into why someone might consider Ultherapy. Dr. Leah Totton highlights its suitability for individuals who are starting to see visible signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, or loose skin. For those seeking a non-surgical solution to address sagging skin, particularly in the jawline, neck, brow, and décolletage, Ultherapy offers a non-surgical facelift solution. 

Why Choose Ultherapy? 
No Downtime: One of the biggest advantages of Ultherapy is the lack of downtime required. Unlike surgical procedures, you can resume your normal activities immediately following the treatment.

• Combination Power: Ultherapy can be effectively combined with other cosmetic procedures like fillers, Botox and threads at the Dr Leah Clinic, to achieve even more dramatic and long-lasting results.

• Long-lasting Results:  Ultherapy results can last up to a year, offering a significant improvement in skin laxity and definition.

Ultherapy Treated Areas: 

Jawline and Neck: This is one of the most popular areas for Ultherapy treatment. Ultherapy tightens loose skin and sharpens the jawline for a more sculpted appearance - it is an excellent treatment for lifting jowls.

• Brow Area: Ultherapy can address wrinkles and sagging brows, lifting them for a more youthful look.

• Décolletage: The delicate skin on the chest can also show signs of aging. Ultherapy can tighten and smooth this area, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

The Ultherapy Procedure: What to Expect
The additional Women's Health Magazine UK article sheds light on what to expect during an Ultherapy procedure.

• Duration: The procedure typically takes around 1.5 - 2 hours

• Comfort: Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment, but it's not entirely painless, as the patient may experience some discomfort, however topical numbing cream or medication can be used to minimise discomfort. It's important to note that everyone has a different pain tolerance.

• Downtime: There is no downtime associated with Ultherapy. You can resume your normal activities following the procedure.

Results and Longevity: Unveiling a New You
The Women's Health Magazine UK article mentions results begin to show after 3 months with some patients may see immediate improvement. The great news is that Ultherapy results are long-lasting and typically only one session is needed, and the effects can last for over year!

Maintenance treatments can be performed every year or two, depending on your individual needs and aging process.

Cost Considerations
the treatment starts at £1,700 for the neck and can range up to £3,300 for a full face and neck treatment.

If you're interested in learning more about Ultherapy and whether it's the right choice for you, Dr. Leah Totton and her team at Dr. Leah Clinics are here to help. A personalised consultation allows Dr. Totton to assess your individual needs and recommend the most effective. Book your Utherapy consultation at Dr Leah Clinic today!

Dr. Leah Totton: From Apprentice Winner to Industry Leader 

Dr. Leah Totton's journey since winning The Apprentice is nothing short of inspiring. The Daily Mail recently sat down with Dr. Leah to explore her experience on the show and the incredible success she's built over the past decade.

The article delves into her time navigating the challenges of The Apprentice, while also highlighting her flourishing partnership with Lord Sugar. It reveals a close working relationship built on continued support, paving the way for Dr. Leah's remarkable achievements.

From a thriving chain of cosmetic clinics to an award-winning skincare line, Dr. Leah's dedication to ethical practices shines through. The interview also sheds light on how she overcame doubts about her age and experience, ultimately triumphing to become a true leader in the aesthetics industry.

This is just a glimpse into Dr. Leah's inspiring story. Read the full Daily Mail HERE article to discover more!