Forget time machines - the future of anti-aging is here at Dr Leah Clinics! Polynucleotides (PNs), tiny fragments of DNA, are causing a stir in the aesthetics world as a revolutionary way to rejuvenate your face, neck, and under eyes. But what exactly are they, and why are they getting all the buzz?

Imagine your skin as a construction site: Over time, collagen and elastin (the key players in youthful firmness) start to dwindle, leaving visible signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging, and dryness. Polynucleotides stimulates those crucial building blocks to come back stronger dramatically improving skin quality across the forehead, under eyes, face, and neck. Think of them as tiny architects, telling your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, resulting in a firmer, plumper, and smoother appearance.

But Polynucleotides offer even more than just a collagen boost:

  • Hydration Hero: They attract and retain moisture, leaving your skin looking dewy and refreshed.
  • Under-Eye Savior: Dark circles and wrinkles around the delicate under-eye area? Polynucleotides can tackle those too, minimizing shadows and creating a brighter, more youthful look.
  • Neckline: Say goodbye to the dreaded "turkey neck." Polynucleotides tighten and firm the skin, restoring definition and a more youthful contour.

But don't just take our word for it:

  • Clinical trials have demonstrated dramatic improvement in the quality and look of their skin with participants experiencing improved ‘significant skin elasticity, smoothness, and reduced wrinkles.’
  • Industry experts are singing their praises, highlighting their bio-stimulatory effects and natural origin.
  • Harper's Bazaar even called Polynucleotide treatment the "innovative injectable storming the Beauty Scene” while Vogue calls it the “frontrunner in the bio stimulatory injectables and skin rejuvenation”
  • Ready to unlock the power of Polynucleotides for your face, neck, and under eyes? Polynucleotides are minimally invasive, with minimal downtime, making them a great option for those seeking a subtle yet noticeable rejuvenation.

Let Dr. Leah Skin help you unlock the power of Polynucleotides. Contact us today for a consultation!


We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Leah Totton's innovative Happy Lift procedure has been featured in a recent article in The Daily Mail! The article highlights the transformative power of this non-surgical facelift, which has helped countless clients achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance with this non-surgical facelift. Read more on the article here today! 

Unlocking the Happy Lift's Magic:

The Happy Lift is a unique collaboration of three powerful techniques: microneedling, radiofrequency, and thread lifts. This synergy tackles various signs of aging head-on. Microneedling with the innovative industry-leading Morpheus8 device stimulates collagen and elastin production through tiny punctures in the skin while it delivers radiofrequency energy that tightens the skin and underlying tissues further, while thread lifts provide subtle lifting and support, delivering natural-looking results.


A Patient's Happy Transformation

The Daily Mail goes beyond the technical aspects, sharing the heartfelt story of Caroline Wood, one of Dr. Leah Totton's Happy Lift patients. After experiencing burnout and a career break, Caroline found herself facing ageism in the job market. She describes, "The ageing process snuck up on me during a period of four years when I was out of work as a result of burnout. It was preventing me from getting the roles I was interviewing for - I was being written off as soon as I entered the room due to my appearance."

Caroline's experience resonates with many individuals grappling with ageism's harsh reality. Fortunately, the Happy Lift offered her a solution. After the procedure, she shares, "I felt instant confidence – like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, literally and figuratively." Describing her return to work, she beams, "I could see a shift in how people perceived me. I felt valued and listened to, and most importantly, I landed my dream job!"

Unlock Your Happy:

The Happy Face Lift is a non-surgical treatment pioneered by Dr Leah Totton, who says it will rejuvenate the face and neck, giving natural-looking results with minimal downtime.

The Happy Lift empowers individuals to achieve:

  • A more youthful and revitalized appearance
  • Enhanced skin tone and texture
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lifted and tightened jawline
  • Natural-looking results that boost confidence

Procedure Time: 30 minutes per procedure (a month’s gap between microneedling sessions)

Male or Female? Both

Suitable for age range: 50-70 years old

Back To Work: Microneedling & radiofrequency: 1 day; Thread lift: 5 days

Anaesthetic: Local

Areas treated: Face and neck

Number of treatments in clinic: 4

Results: Lifting effect visible immediately, rejuvenating effect gradually becomes visible over time

Duration Of Results: Up to two years

Side effects: Possible redness, marks on skin, bruising, puckering, pain, infection, allergic reaction

How it works: The treatment involves three microneedling plus radio frequency treatments and one thread lift session. 

During the first three treatments, tiny needles pierce the skin and pass heat in the form of radiofrequency to stimulate collagen and elastin. This promises to improve skin quality, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and unveils a firmer, more youthful complexion. These treatments take place 3-4 weeks apart.

During the final thread lift session, dissolvable collagen-stimulating threads are strategically placed beneath the skin's surface by expert doctors. A local anaesthetic is given so it is pain-free. 

The thread lift works by repositioning facial tissues to mechanically lift the face upwards and backwards in an L-shaped direction while simultaneously producing collagen and elastin.

How much it costs: £4,700 (available exclusively at Dr Leah clinics drleah.co.uk)

What are the final results: The ‘Happy Face Lift’ works in two ways: By stimulating natural collagen and elastin in the skin, and by lifting the face using threads to re-position areas which have ‘sagged' to where they would have been several years ago. This results in a naturally youthful and uplifted look to your face and neck


Ready to Embrace Your Happy?

If you're curious about how the Happy Lift can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact Dr. Leah Totton's clinic today for a personalized consultation. Discover the transformative power of this innovative procedure and unlock your own version of "Happy"!


Schedule your consultation now and embark on your Happy Lift journey! HERE


Feature in Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2024:

It's been a whirlwind of a start to 2024 for Dr. Leah Clinic! Last week, The Sun Online highlighted Dr Leah's accomplishments from winning The Apprentice to becoming a pioneer in the aesthetics field. Now, we have another reason to celebrate with Dr. Leah Skincare being featured in the prestigious Forbes online and none other than the luxury lifestyle magazine Tatler.  In this blog, we'll take you through these exciting developments and the top talking points from the articles. 

Dr. Leah's prominent feature in the esteemed Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide for 2024 revolves around the game-changing Alma's Harmony Laser device—a technological marvel that has featured at Dr Leah Clinic for seven years. This article shines a spotlight on the remarkable transformations achievable with this innovative system, worthy of an "Oscar-worthy glow." In her insightful interview, Dr. Leah passionately champions the Harmony system, addressing its ability to treat facial redness, thread veins, mild rosacea, as well as its efficacy in diminishing scars and wrinkle depth. This distinguished feature underscores Dr. Leah's unwavering commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver extraordinary results for her clients. It further cements her well-deserved status as a frontrunner in the realm of aesthetic medicine.

Read more on Harmony facial laser at Dr Leah Clinic HERE

Featured in The Sun Online:

The Sun Online, one of the UK's leading media outlets, recently turned the spotlight on Dr. Leah Totton. The article sheds light on her impressive journey from winning the hit TV show to her thriving career in aesthetic medicine. The article details Dr Leah's Apprentice win in 2013, and her impression on viewers and Lord Sugar alike where she impressed with her business acumen, charisma, and, of course, her expertise in all things skincare. 

In the article Dr, Leah discusses how her mentorship from Lord Alan Sugar, allowed her to gain confidence and stand independently and also expressed her eagerness to join her business partner on the advisory panel. This enduring relationship with Lord Sugar not only highlights the strong bond between Dr. Leah and Lord Sugar but also underscores her unwavering commitment to her business and her aspirations for the future.

Read the article in full HERE

Featured in Forbes:

Forbes, known for its coverage of influential individuals and businesses, recently featured Dr. Leah's skincare line in an article titled "Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024: Long-Haul Pampering Products." This recognition in such a prestigious publication is a testament to the quality and appeal of Dr Leah Skincare. The article highlights Dr. Leah's skincare products as ideal Valentine's Day gifts for those looking to indulge in long-haul pampering. This speaks volumes about the luxury and efficacy of her line, ingredients that deliver exceptional results and cruelty free formulation.

Read the article in full HERE

To read more about Dr.Leah products and purchase Dr Leah Skincare visit HERE


At Dr Leah Clinic we have had an exciting start to 2024 with press pieces in Hello! and Aesthetics Awards Nominations.


The Aesthetics Awards 2024: Recognising Excellence

We are delighted to share our recognition in three significant categories at the esteemed Aesthetics Awards 2024, a highly regarded accolade in the aesthetics industry. These awards represent the highest recognition within the medical aesthetics sector, acknowledging outstanding accomplishments and contributions. They are akin to the Oscars of our industry.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that Dr Leah Clinic has received nominations in three prominent categories:

  1. Medical Practitioner of the Year: Dr Leah Totton

Dr. Leah Totton, the driving force behind Dr Leah Clinic, has been nominated for the prestigious title of Medical Practitioner of the Year. Her unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and ensuring patient satisfaction has earned her this well-deserved recognition.

  1. Best Non-Surgical Result: The Dr L Lift by Dr Leah

Another notable accolade is our nomination in the Best Non-Surgical Result category, attributed to the groundbreaking Dr L Lift. This innovative treatment, exclusively available at Dr Leah Clinic, has garnered widespread acclaim for its transformative effects. The Dr L Lift, a testament to the combination of expert technology and technique, leverages the cutting-edge skin remodeling device Morpheus8, complemented by thread lifting with thread lift industry expert Dr Leah. This comprehensive approach rejuvenates facial aesthetics, providing a more youthful appearance without surgery. For detailed information about this treatment, you can visit our Dr L Lift Treatment page here.

  1. Clinic Representative of the Year: Lavinia Merce, Baker Street Clinic Manager

In addition, we are pleased to announce the nomination of Lavinia Merce, our exceptional Clinic Manager at Baker Street, as Clinic Representative of the Year. This recognition underscores her dedication to ensuring a seamless and satisfying patient experience at Dr Leah Clinic.


Dr Leah's Expertise in the Spotlight

In another noteworthy development this month, Dr. Leah's expertise and insights have been featured in Hello!. Dr. Leah, a prominent figure in the field of dermatology, discusses the latest beauty trend favoured by none other than Victoria Beckham herself - at-home LED masks.

These innovative LED masks offer a convenient and effective means of rejuvenating and improving skin texture and tone. Dr. Leah provides her expert perspective on the numerous benefits of LED mask therapy, along with professional guidance and recommendations.

At Dr Leah Clinic, we are proud to offer LED mask therapy as part of our Rehydration and Skin-brightening facial which is an ideal treatment for helping those with sensitive skin. This rejuvenating treatment is designed to leave your skin looking radiant and refreshed and helps to tackle signs of irritation. To read more on this treatment visit this link

To complement in-clinic LED treatment, we are offering a chance to win a luxury at-home LED mask from Foreo, the FAQ 202 mask, valued at over £700. To participate, simply visit our Instagram page here and follow the instructions provided.



It's a momentous occasion that has us buzzing with excitement - Dr. Leah Clinics is celebrating a glorious decade in the world of aesthetics! Yes, you read that right, we're turning 10 on the 22nd of January and it's time to celebrate with a month of Beauty Incentives for our loyal customers.

A Decade of Beauty, Innovation, and Trust

Over the past ten years, we've had the privilege of being your trusted partner in your radiant skin and confidence journey. It's been a decade filled with new Dr Leah clinic openings across the South East, industry awards, and most importantly, the trust and support of our incredible clients. To mark this incredible milestone, we're offering something truly special.

Get Ready for 10% Off ALL Treatments!

What better way to celebrate a decade of Dr. Leah Clinics than by offering our valued clients an exclusive 10% discount on some of your favorite treatments throughout the entire month of January? It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of our journey.

Whether you're looking to rejuvenate your skin, enhance your natural beauty, or simply indulge in some self-care, now is the perfect time to book your appointment and treat yourself to a decade of expertise and innovation at Dr. Leah Clinics.

Our *Ultimate Beauty Hamper Giveaway – Worth £2000!*

But wait, there's more! We're doubling up on the celebrations this month by introducing our Ultimate Luxury Beauty Hamper, valued at nearly £2000. As the 'Most Trusted Cosmetic Clinic' of 2023 in the UK, we want to give back to our amazing clients in the most glamorous way possible.

This luxurious hamper is filled with award-winning products personally selected by Dr. Leah herself as her top beauty product picks to help you on your path to radiant, youthful, and revitalised skin in 2024. Here's a glimpse of what this hamper includes.



1.Foreo FAQ 202 Anti-Aging Silicone LED Mask (WORTH £719!)

This revolutionary mask has won numerous beauty awards and combines the power of LED technology with advanced skincare for stunning results.

2.Foreo LUNA 4 plus Facial Cleansing & LED Microcurrent

Enjoy the ultimate cleansing and microcurrent treatment to maintain a radiant complexion.

3.Dr. Leah Foaming Cleanser and Facial Moisturiser

Expertly formulated by Dr. Leah herself, these products are designed to nourish and hydrate your skin.

4.Style Cheat Ultimate Silk Gift Set

Elevate your beauty routine with this exquisite silk gift set, adding a touch of luxury to your daily regimen.

5.OBAGI Professional-C Serum

Achieve smoother, more radiant skin with this serum

6.OBAGI Nu-Cil Eyelash Enhancing Serum

Enhance the length of your lashes with this transformative serum.

7.OBAGI ELASTIderm Facial Serum

Rejuvenate and firm your skin with this powerful facial serum.

8.OBAGI ELASTIderm Eye Serum

Say goodbye to tired eyes with this revitalizing eye serum.


Enter to Win the Ultimate Luxury Beauty Hamper

The lucky winner of our Ultimate Beauty Hamper will be announced on Wednesday, January 31st!

Entering is simple - just visit Instagram, follow @drleahclinics, like the Giveaway post, and tag 3 friends and you could be the one to enjoy this lavish beauty extravaganza.

As we celebrate a decade at Dr. Leah Clinics, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support. Here's to many more years of helping you look and feel your absolute best. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate with us 🥂🎉