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"Sophie, a 30-year-old PA, from London, was unhappy with her bum and wasn't seeing any difference by going to the gym.

Keen to get a more curvy shape, seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, she decided to have two vials of the Lanluma treatment injected into her hip area - costing £1,900.

She told Dr Leah Clinics: 'I was not happy about the lack of perkiness in my bum as well as the overall shape. This affected my confidence massively, there is quite a focus in the media around having a perky perfect bum, I just wanted to feel confident with my own beach body. 

'I tried to exercise but it didn’t seem to make much difference so I decided to do some research into potential treatments. I knew I would never do something as invasive and risky as a BBL so the idea of the Lanluma bum lift really intrigued me, it seemed so easy and less scary."

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