In celebration of International women's day we have two amazing offers for our female clients - the first of these is the 'Emsella chair treatment' for pelvic floor tightening as featured on the Mail Online today! We are delighted to be able to offer women this breakthrough FDA approved treatment to tighten pelvic floor muscles and treat urine leakage.

The Emsella chair is:

  • Highly effective and safe
  • Pain free
  • No intimate examination
  • Stay fully clothed
  • FDA approved
  • Tightens pelvic floor
  • Treats stress incontinence
  • Each 28 minute session is equivalent to 11,000 pelvic floor clenches!


This treatment is conducted in our brand new Baker Street Clinic and you will require 6 sessions over a 2-3 week period. Results will then last 2-5 years!  For a limited time only we are offering 6 sessions for £1650! 

Read Robyn's Story 

Robyn, 30, Greater London.

“I have had 3 children vaginally and I was totally unprepared for what my bladder control would be like after – despite having straightforward deliveries with my kids, being in my 20’s at the time and doing my pelvic floor exercises- my urine leakage got worse after each birth and by the time I had had my
third baby, at just 28, I was needing to wear incontinence pads daily.


Laughing, sneezing or coughing would inevitably cause me to leak urine and I would dread day trips because I would constantly be thinking about where the nearest toilet was, gym or do any form of physical exercise was a no and in fact even picking up my children could cause me to wet myself. 


My confidence dwindled as I avoided leaving the house for fear of an accident, my sex life also suffered, I didn’t feel sexy and I was worried about leaking urine during intercourse.

I spoke to friends and family who also have children and also my GP and although supportive the general feeling was that this was just part of being a mum and something women had to “live with” with no treatment available on the NHS other than surgery which apparently my case was not severe enough to warrant and there has been a lot of problems with the mesh surgery so that isn’t something I would want in any case. I really did think that this was something that I just had to put up with.

I then read that there was a new the Emsella chair treatment available in the USA and was delighted to find out it was now available in London in a reputable clinic such as Dr Leah Clinic – I had initial appointment with a female doctor who talked me through the treatment and what it would involve and what to expect, I felt comfortable and at ease and no examination was required.

It was entirely pain free, you know something is going on but it isn’t painful - it feels like contractions going into the vagina and there is no pain afterwards and you can return to normal life with no restrictions.

The Dr Leah pelvic floor tightening chair has made it possible to regain my dignity, I would urge anyone who was going through what I was going through to not just suffer it, treatment is available.”

 This treatment is conducted in our brand new luxurious Baker Street Clinic and you will require 6 sessions over a 2 week period. Results will then last 2-5 years! Package of 6 treatments normally £1800 (as advertised in Mail Online this week) but is exclusively available to our existing clients for the special price of £1650 for 6 treatments!

The Emsella is the perfect option for women of any age who desire a non-invasive solution for urinary leakage due to factors such as the body’s normal ageing, childbirth or menopause.




Click to watch Robyn's Emsella journey:

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Please note that we require a booking deposit at the time of booking, which is refundable up until 48 hours before your appointment.



In 2020, we are fortunate as women to have amazing treatments available without the need to go through invasive procedures. In celebration of International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, Dr Leah cosmetic skin clinics wants to empower you to be the best version of yourself (without the hefty price tag) with amazing savings on our Ultherapy treatment.


“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”- Michelle Obama


Are you looking for a Non-surgical face or neck lift without going under the knife?

Ever wondered why all Hollywood celebrities look so ageless?

Ultherapy is a safe, FDA approved, micro-focused ultrasound treatment that effectively targets sagging, loose skin. After just one treatment, a fresher, firmer and more youthful appearance can be achieved without the need for surgery or downtime. Not just available to Hollywood’s elite, with 15% off, it is now more affordable than ever!



Ultherapy is used to tighten face, neck or décolletage by producing collagen and elastin and pause ageing in that area for up to 15 months. Would you like to try this treatment? Are you due a repeat treatment or have you treated one area but wish to treat another? March is the month to do that with the amazing savings below: 


Full Face & Neck normally £3,500, now just £2,975 = a saving of £525

Full Face normally £2,800, now just £2,380 = a saving of £420

3/4 Face & Neck normally £3,000, now just £2,550 = a saving of £450

3/4 Face Only normally £2,300 now just £1,955 = a saving of £345

Neck Only normally £1,800 now just £1,530 = a saving of £270

Mandible and submental (Chin and jawline only) normally £900, now just £765 = a saving of £135


Décolletage normally £900, now just £765 = a saving of £135!


Get 15% off our Ultherapy® treatment saving up to £525! Ultherapy® is the leading ultrasound non-surgical lifting procedure for tighter, better fitting skin proven to stimulate collagen and elastin by using focused ultrasound. Ultherapy® is great at targeting your jowls area, neck and décolletage.  

How does Ultherapy work?

Ultherapy relies on micro-focused ultrasound to bypass the skin’s surface and deliver targeted deep tissue wound healing and the regeneration of important support structures in the skin such as collagen and elastin. By using focused energy alongside ultrasound imaging, the practitioner is able to deliver precise treatment to the location(s) where it will be most beneficial, resulting in an extremely effective lifting treatment. 

  • ·         Non-surgical
  • ·         One OFF treatment
  • ·         Tightens & Lifts Sagging loose skin
  • ·         Improves lines & wrinkles
  • ·         Suitable for face, neck & chest
  • ·         Results last up to 18 months *Results may vary
  • ·         FDA Approved
  • ·         Anti-ageing treatment for the Face, Neck, Décolletage wrinkles, Chin, Brow, Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • ·         Non- invasive treatment

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