Can we interest you in trying our new Dr Leah Skincare Products?

Dr Leah Totton is UK's leading cosmetic doctor whom has successfully treated thousands of patients with various skin types and concerns.

Dr Leah was shocked by the lack clinically formulated skincare products on the market offering a list of clean ingredients with sustainable packaging. Inspired by conversations with her patients, she decided to combine her expertise of skincare science to create a sustainable skin care collection that includes Dr Leah Foaming Cleanser and Dr Leah Facial Moisturiser which is now available at all Dr Leah Clinics and online at

The vegan-friendly, paraben free collection that has been 7 years in the making is safe to use in pregnancy and suitable for all skin types.

Dr Leah Facial Moisturiser is a fragrance-free which contains a powerhouse naturally hydrating products like Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Mango Seed Butter, to hydrate and nourish the skin barrier for 72 hours. The Dr Leah Foaming Cleanser is enriched with extracts including Jasmine and Aloe Vera to help protect the skins natural barrier, while removing dirt and impurities from the skin.


Dr Leah Facial Moisturiser


Dr Leah Foaming Cleanser 


Dr Leah  Bundle which includes one Dr Leah Facial Moisturiser and one Dr Leah Foaming Cleanser 

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