Dr. Leah Totton: From Apprentice Winner to Industry Leader 

Dr. Leah Totton's journey since winning The Apprentice is nothing short of inspiring. The Daily Mail recently sat down with Dr. Leah to explore her experience on the show and the incredible success she's built over the past decade.

The article delves into her time navigating the challenges of The Apprentice, while also highlighting her flourishing partnership with Lord Sugar. It reveals a close working relationship built on continued support, paving the way for Dr. Leah's remarkable achievements.

From a thriving chain of cosmetic clinics to an award-winning skincare line, Dr. Leah's dedication to ethical practices shines through. The interview also sheds light on how she overcame doubts about her age and experience, ultimately triumphing to become a true leader in the aesthetics industry.

This is just a glimpse into Dr. Leah's inspiring story. Read the full Daily Mail HERE article to discover more!