In the ever-evolving world of aesthetics and dermatology, Dr. Leah Totton stands out as a trailblazer and a true leader. This past month has been a testament to her expertise and dedication, as she garnered attention from prominent press outlets and even received awards for her outstanding contributions. Let's delve into Dr. Leah's press highlights this month...

Hello Magazine: Unraveling the Secrets to Managing Rosacea

One of Dr. Leah's recent press highlights comes from Hello Magazine, where she shared her insights on managing rosacea, a common skin condition that plagues many individuals. Dr. Leah's expertise shines through as she provides invaluable guidance on effectively dealing with this issue via comprehensive skin care routines and the use of expert laser treatments at Dr Leah Clinic. Her holistic approach to skincare is a testament to her commitment to improving the lives of her patients.

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Cosmetics Design Europe: A New Approach to Doctor-Led Brands

Dr. Leah Totton's influence in the medical skincare space is undeniable, and she's been recognised for her pioneering approach. In a recent article by Cosmetics Design Europe, the discussion revolves around the underutilization of natural ingredients in medical skincare. Dr. Leah's innovative stance on doctor-led brands and her dedication to using the very best, clean ingredients in her own skincare line underscore her commitment to delivering exceptional results. You can purchase Dr Leah skincare products with an impressive 30 percent off this Christmas - so take advantage of our very special offer today!

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Hello Magazine: The Must-Have Skincare Ingredient

Another captivating feature in Hello Magazine highlights the "must-have" skincare ingredient that Dr. Leah swears by - niacinamide. Her endorsement of this ingredient is a testament to her deep understanding of skincare and her unwavering pursuit of excellence. 

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The Independent: Ozempic and the Ageless Face

Dr. Leah's influence extends beyond conventional skincare, as evidenced by her recent appearance in The Independent. The article explores the relationship between Ozempic and facial aging, a topic of significant interest. Dr. Leah's expertise in understanding the nuances of facial aging and her insights into non-surgical approaches position her as a go-to source for information in this arena.

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Get Ready for More Exciting Press!

Dr. Leah Totton's recent month of press and award highlights is a testament to her leadership in aesthetics and dermatology. Her dedication to her work, innovative skincare approach, and commitment to excellent results have gained well-deserved recognition.

As Dr. Leah keeps leading the way in the beauty world, expect more press coverage. Stay tuned for upcoming features that will showcase her groundbreaking contributions.


The Safety in Beauty Awards are one of the most esteemed honours in the aesthetics and beauty industry. These awards are a symbol of excellence and safety, celebrating professionals and brands that place patient well-being and exceptional outcomes at the forefront of their practice. It is with immense joy that we share the news of our triumph at this year's awards. We have secured the coveted title of 'Best Non-Surgical Transformation,' a testament to our commitment to patient safety and the remarkable transformations achieved through Dr. Leah's expertise, particularly in her specialized thread lift technique, honed over years of dedicated practice

A Year of Triumphs

This recent achievement adds another shining accolade our clinic's long list of triumphs.

Dr. Leah Clinic's commitment to safety, trustworthiness, and excellence has been acknowledged throughout the year. Earlier in 2023, we were honored with the title of "Most Trusted Cosmetic Clinic in the UK" by Global Health and Pharma, reaffirming our reputation for exceptional standards in the aesthetics field.

However, at Dr. Leah Clinic our journey of excellence doesn't stop there. Over the years we have won accolades including 'Best Cosmetic Clinic London,' two years running as well 'Obagi Ambassador Clinic Of The Year,' and 'Silhouette Soft Prize for Excellence.' These awards reflect our clinic's unwavering dedication to ensuring client safety while delivering outstanding results.

Our Award Win for Thread Lift Expertise

This year we won the Best Non-Surgical Transformation Award at Safety in Beauty with our hugely popular thread-lift treatment - as seen above with our lovely client Sue. Of her treatment with Dr Leah Sue says -   I would highly recommend this clinic to any one considering cosmetic treatments -they are the best in the business!

One of the cornerstones of Dr. Leah Clinic's expertise lies in thread lifts—which is a popular, non-surgical treatment known for delivering immediate, long-lasting results without the typical downtime associated with surgical facelifts. What sets Dr. Leah Clinic apart is its extensive experience and expertise in thread lifts. Dr. Leah Totton, the renowned founder of Dr. Leah Clinic, has earned the title of 'Best Thread Lift Doctor' in the UK. She is also the proud recipient of the prestigious Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift Excellence Award, solidifying her status as a global ambassador and international trainer in thread lifting. Dr. Leah Clinic has performed more thread lift treatments than any other clinic in the UK making her the true pioneer is thread lifting.

To undergo your award-winning transformation - book a Thread Lift Treatment at Dr Leah Clinic Today!