Urinary incontinence, a condition affecting millions worldwide, can significantly impact your daily life and self-confidence. If you're seeking a non-invasive and effective solution to treat bladder weakness, the Emsella treatment at Dr Leah Clinic is a highly effective solution to quickly resolve this issue.

What is Emsella Treatment?

The Emsella is a revolutionary chair-like device that utilises high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. The Emsella Chair, pelvic floor machine is an advanced medical device that looks like an ordinary chair that uses electromagnetic technology to stimulate and tighten the pelvic floor muscles quickly. Strengthening the weakened pelvic floor muscles restores bladder control and eradicates urinary incontinence for good. This technology delivers thousands of powerful pelvic floor muscle contractions in a single 30-minute session to the equivalent of 11,000 kegel exercises in just one comfortable sitting!

Benefits of Emsella Treatment:

  • Non-invasive and painless: Unlike surgery or other invasive procedures, Emsella offers a comfortable and pain-free experience.
  • No downtime or recovery: You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment.
  • Safe and effective: Emsella is FDA-approved and clinically proven to treat various forms of incontinence, including stress, urge, and mixed incontinence.
  • Improved sexual function: Emsella may also enhance sexual function in women by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Who is a Candidate for Emsella Treatment and what does it treat?

If you experience any of the following, you might be a good candidate for Emsella:

  • Leaking urine during activities like coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising (stress incontinence)
  • Sudden and strong urges to urinate, even after emptying your bladder (urge incontinence)
  • Mixed incontinence
  • Overactive bladder
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Orgasmic dysfunction

What to Expect During the Treatment:

  1. Consultation: Dr. Leah's team will assess your situation and determine if Emsella is suitable for you.
  2. Treatment: Comfortably seated on the Emsella chair, you'll experience gentle muscle contractions during the 30-minute session.
  3. Recovery: There's no downtime, so you can resume your normal activities right away.

Results and Cost at Dr. Leah Clinic:

While some experience improvement after a single session, optimal results are typically achieved after a series of six treatments spread over 2-3 weeks. Dr. Leah Clinic offers competitive pricing for Emsella treatment, with 40 percent off this March.

Empowering You to Take Control

Regaining bladder control can significantly improve your quality of life and confidence. The Emsella treatment at Dr. Leah Clinic offers a safe, effective, and convenient solution to help you achieve just that. Contact Dr. Leah Clinic today to schedule a consultation and explore the possibilities of Emsella treatment.

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