Looking for a non-surgical way to achieve a more youthful appearance? Thread lifts are a popular option, but with so many thread types available, choosing the right one can be confusing. This blog is here to shed light on the pros and cons of three popular thread types – PDO Mint, Silhouette Soft and APTOS threads - to help you understand which might be a better fit for your goals.

Understanding the Thread Options

  • PDO Threads (MINT):
    • Offer a better initial lift and are Ideal for neck lifting due to their insertion points.
    • Stimulate collagen production, but the type of collagen may not be as beneficial as that produced by Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts
    • Recovery tends to involve more swelling and puckering compared to Silhouette Soft.
    • Insertion points are located at the hairline, making them easier to conceal.
  • Silhouette Soft Threads:
    • Provide a more subtle initial lift, but the results tend to last longer due to the stimulation of a more resilient type of collagen.
    • Not as effective for lifting the neck and therefore a combination with Mint PDO threads can be considered for this area.
    • Insertion points are located in the mid-cheek, which can lead to visible dimples during recovery. This dimpling will fully resolve after a week.
    • Generally experience less swelling but more bruising compared to MINT threads (except MINT mono threads used in the neck area).
  • Aptos threads:
  • These threads boast the longest-lasting results (18-24 months) due to their unique material combination (PLA, PCL) and barbed design that physically lifts and anchors sagging tissue.
  • They are ideal for addressing moderate to severe concerns like deep wrinkles, jowls, and volume

Brow Lifting with Threads

It is important to note that while eyebrow thread lifts can give a great-looking result – results will only last up to 6 months. To optimize the outcome and prevent muscles from pulling against the threads, thread lift procedures on the brow should be combined with muscle relaxing injections.

Recovery After Thread Lifts

While most people can return to work within a week after treatment, a complete recovery can take up to 6 weeks depending on individual factors. A helpful rule of thumb is to expect 1 day of recovery per thread inserted. At Dr Leah Clinic we offer expert lymphatic drainage massage to help speed up recovery and reduce swelling.

  • Silhouette Soft: Recovery challenges often involve visible dimples at the insertion points in the mid-cheek for the duration of recovery. There is no pain during the procedure and less swelling compared to MINT threads, but bruising is more common, however this should resolve after a week.
  • MINT Threads: Recovery focuses on managing swelling, pain, and puckering. Insertion points are located at the hairline, making them easier to conceal. Slight discomfort can occur in the days after this procedure and pain relievers are often recommended in the first few days after treatment.

Pain During and After Thread Lifts

Neither procedure is inherently painful. Local anesthetic is administered before insertion, which might cause a stinging sensation. You may feel some pressure and pulling during the procedure, but it shouldn't be very painful.

  • Silhouette Soft: Generally well-tolerated, with occasional nerve-like twinges that may require pain relievers in rare instances.
  • MINT Threads: Can be more uncomfortable, with nerve-like twinges lasting up to 2 weeks after treatment. Pain relievers are often recommended for the first 3 days.

Why Choose Dr. Leah Clinic for Your Thread Lift

Dr. Leah Clinic is a leader in thread lifting, led by Dr. Leah Totton, a recognised global thread lift specialist. Dr. Totton boasts the most thread lift procedures performed by any individual UK doctor and is highly experienced in both PDO and Silhouette Soft threads. She is a national thread lift trainer and sits on the medical board for Sinclair Pharma, advising on the management of thread lift complications in the UK. Dr. Leah is a passionate advocate for patient safety and has campaigned for improved regulation of the cosmetic sector, including thread lift procedures. She has raised awareness of unscrupulous practices and concerns regarding inadequate UK training for thread lifts, which can result in practitioners lacking the confidence or competence to perform the treatment effectively.

Unlike clinics offering a generic approach, Dr. Leah Clinic prioritises personalisation. Their team of skilled doctors conducts in-depth consultations to understand your specific concerns and recommend the most suitable thread type, be it Aptos, Silhouette Soft, or PDO, to achieve your desired outcome. Dr. Leah's philosophy further elevates the patient experience. Her focus is on achieving subtle yet impactful improvements that enhance your natural features, ensuring a refreshed yet undeniably you look. This commitment to natural-looking results was recognized in 2023 when Dr. Leah Clinic won the prestigious Best Transformation award for a thread lift procedure.

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