Over the last few weeks Dr Leah Clinics have been hard at work getting our Clinics ready to safely re-open. We have reviewed all evidence and data surrounding infection transmission of Covid-19, conducted risk assessments and have put in place infrastructure & protocols to ensure your safety when visiting a Dr Leah Clinic. 


Please see below some of the measures we have put in place to support this in all of our Clinics.  


• All staff will be wearing full PPE clothing including masks, visors, aprons & gloves. Gowns will be also worn for higher risk procedures.

• Our staff will change into work uniforms immediately when they arrive to work using appropriate facilities/changing areas to help limit any contamination.

• Clearly marked floor tape will be in place to mark areas to help staff maintain 2m distance.

• A thorough surface cleaning protocol is in place before and after each patient and we have increased our regular cleaning protocols and an external deep sanitation has been carried out prior to our re-opening. 

• Numerous sanitizing stations will be available and easily accessable around the clinic. 

• Waiting areas have been segregated to allow social distancing when possible. 

• A thorough staff protocol is in place for safe disposal of used PPE throughout and at the end of the day.

• We will provide you with the relevant PPE to keep you safe including sanitization and protective masks upon arrival & departure as per PHE guidelines and local best practice rules. 

• Perspex screens have been installed at the reception area to allow you to check in and out safely. 

• The team have received extensive training and education on ensuring all services are conducted in a safe, hygienic and professional manner. 

• We have introduced a 10-minute change over time inbetween clients to ensure the team can effectively sanitize and clean the area before the next treatment. 

• Staggered appointment times have been introduced to minimise volume of clients in the clinic at any one time. 

• An additional £6.00 PPE charge will be payable to every client each time they visit a Dr Leah Clinic. This is regardless of treatment type and will go towards the cost of PPE required for your safety during your visit. You will be provided with PPE to wear on arrival and your therapist/Doctor will also be wearing PPE, this should not alarm you, it is for your safety as well as their own.


Until we re-open, please stay safe and well and we look forward to welcoming you all at a Dr Leah Clinic soon. 


Warmest Wishes,


Dr Leah Totton