Do you suffer from redness on the face and often wonder how to get rid of it? Do you suffer from broken capillaries on the face and broken capillaries on the nose? Or you may be looking for a fast and effective rosacea treatment. 

If the answer is yes, then our redness reduction treatment is perfect for you!

At Dr Leah Clinic we have an excellent, state of the art device called Harmony platform by ALMA lasers to treat all kinds of facial redness concerns such as but not limited to - thread veins, broken capillaries, facial flushing, flat cherry angioma, acne rosacea and red marks from previous acne.

Not only will this redness reduction laser treatment remove your redness, it will also help rejuvenate the skin!

Our Reduction Laser Treatment prices are as follows:

Full Face for 3 Treatments: £720.00 Full Face for 6 Treatments: £1320.00

Half Face 3 Treatments: £540.00 Half Face 6 Treatments: £960.00

Small Area 3 Treatments: £360.00 Small Area 6 Treatments: £660.00

Before and after picture of Redness Reduction Treatment.

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