BTL Emsella

Are the kids back at school and you have some precious time to yourself? Dr Leah Clinics have the perfect treatment for you! We are offering 20% OFF the Emsella Chair treatment this month only! This FDA approved treatment will tighten your pelvic floor and stop urine leakage and with this “back to school” offer it is just £1320 this September!



6 x Sessions WAS £1650

6 x Sessions NOW £1320

(YOU SAVE £330!)



We are delighted to be able to offer women a breakthrough treatment to tighten pelvic floor muscles and treat urinary incontinence. The Emsella is highly effective, safe and does NOT involve taking your clothes off or any intimate examination.


What is the Emsella Chair?

The Emsella is an advanced medical device which simply looks like a chair. The Emsella uses electromagnetic technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles - this stimulation tightens the pelvic floor muscles, helping to alleviate incontinence. If like most of us you struggle to do your pelvic floor crunches daily, fear not – just 1 session on the emsella chair is the equivalent of 11,000 pelvic floor crunches!

Does it hurt?

You will experience the sensation of tightening vaginal/ pelvic floor muscles’ which feel like small contractions during the procedure but generally it isn’t at all painful.

Do I have to undress?

NO. The Emsella treatments do not require a vaginal examination or the removal of clothes during each session.

How many will I need?

You will need to complete the course of 6 treatments (total cost £1320).

How do I start?

Initially you will come in for FREE consultation with one of our female doctors, who will be able to explain the process and how much improvement you can expect to achieve. Subject to availability, you are then able to begin the first of your 6 treatments on that day! We will then see you in clinic twice per week for 3 weeks - each time for a 28-minute session until your course is complete.

Which Clinic can I have this treatment?

Your initial consult with one of our female doctors can be at any of our 3 clinics, the Emsella chair itself is at our Baker Street Clinic.

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